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Sustainable Innovation Expert & Forecaster
Shivvy Jervis Speaker
  • Shivvy Jervis is one of the globe's most trusted, female voices covering human-centred innovation
  • Each day she helps millions discover the incredible innovations that will get business and society “future ready”
  • A four-time awardee 'Futurist', who tracks those hidden forces, shifts and trends with the potential to shape what matters to us the most - our livelihoods, health, identity, education, cities and preserving what it means to be human

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How will breakthroughs such as emotionally aware AI, augmented commerce and next-gen connectivity drive sustainable progress for our cities, health and livelihoods? What’s the best way to protect our digital identity or the most fascinating jobs or skills for 2022 and beyond? And how can we apply discoveries about our brain chemistry - such as the science behind why we give up - to build more engaged workforces? 

These are just a few of the many developments Shivvy studies and presents to enthralled audiences. To date she has headlined over 600 keynotes and broadcasts and is lauded by both the World Economic Forum and TED Talks for her “remarkable ability to demystify complex topics”. 

Named one of Britain’s leading ‘Women of the Year’ and a ‘Champion of Change’ together with 24 other accolades, Shivvy is also one of Europe’s most booked female forecasters for three years running.

Her research is trusted by over 200 organisations, including the likes of Microsoft, the United Nations, Salesforce, Lenovo and the UK Government’s digital division.

Shivvy also has strong roots in investigative broadcasting. A former contributor to CNN Asia and Reuters for six years,  she has produced over 400+ hours of programming. She has presented a two-part documentary for Discovery Channel, hosted interview series NextTech Insider and fronted live debate broadcasts Ringside Sessions for Ericsson. She also previously created two streaming video series’ on future innovations and the people behind them that drew a 14 million-strong audience during its five year run.

Finally, what does she stand for? Shivvy champions a move from our current phase of ‘Industry 4.0’ to a more human-centred reality – one she calls Humanity 5.0

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Speaker Video

Futurist Shivvy Jervis headlines Oslo Business Forum

The Next Internet & AR retail: Hear from Futurist Shivvy Jervis

Shivvy Jervis quizzes UK's ex-PM & climate change leaders for millions watching

6 of the Coolest Jobs of the Future | With Shivvy Jervis

The science behind why we give up | Shivvy Jervis keynote excerpts

Incredible innovations shaping your business. Which digital advances need to be on your radar now, to be future ready? In this riveting talk, Shivvy Jervis - one of the globe’s few female and Asian innovation forecasters - will take audiences on an adventure of the digital innovations shaping their industry.

Designed to ditch the jargon, the talk aims to be accessible, enlivening and focus only on human-centred innovations. Opening with a human touch, Shivvy will show us the science behind motivation and how we can use this at work.

Then, for the core part of the session she’ll walk us through what to expect from areas such as either the evolution of automation/AI, Metaverse, digital identity or our connected world (based on what is most relevant to the client). Time permitting, she will deliver a memorable closing with a window into either the most fascinating jobs of the near future, skills we’ll need or the signals that tell us why the near- and medium-term future is more hopeful than we might think!

The Future Is Human – Shifts in Our Work, Jobs And Skills. 

  • Which skills will we need to stay future ready?
  • Will a robot take my job? The true risk and benefits from automation to people, how we can use it to augment our work and keep our jobs; and the surprising – and hugely encouraging - new truth about soft skills
  • Digital innovations with use cases related to talent development and the environment of work such as:
    • attracting and retaining talent
    • workforce wellbeing
    • training and upskilling
    • collaboration and communication
  • The critical role of people in an organisation’s digital transformation
  • Finally, the Inventor Mindset – how to think like an inventor or founder in your current role


The ‘Science Behind…’ Series. Apart from digital innovation tools, the forecasting lab Shivvy founded 7 years ago has focused in equal measure on discoveries about how our mind work. She shows us how to apply breakthroughs from neuroscience and psychology to elevate our workforce and consumers, making it personal by sharing first-hand anecdotes and moving stories, to leave audiences feeling both educated and inspired.

After the astounding success from incorporating the ‘science behind engagement’ theme as a short segment in her signature innovation talk, Shivvy is bringing the ‘science behind…’ theme to the stage as a series of either a) stand-alone talk on one topic from the below, b) one keynote covering two topics from the below.

The motivational-meets-neuroscience series comprises of these strands:

  • Science behind Engagement and Motivation - the science of motivation i.e. what actually triggers us biologically to lose willpower or motivation, and how to use it at work or in our lives).
  • Science behind Chemistry - and the surprising way that you can apply this to build a workforce and consumer
  • Science behind stress - and how to use this to create thriving leaders, workforces and consumers


All in the Mind: Apply discoveries about our brains to create happier workforces (eg the science of motivation ie what actually triggers us biologically to lose willpower or motivation, and how to use it at work or in our lives)

Power of 6: Six innovations in six steps for the next six months for your org to sustain (and go the digital distance!)

Health innovations: The most life-changing breakthroughs about our minds and bodies 

Connected Worlds: What new changes will connectivity fuel in our cities, work and lives?

Digital’s dark side (privacy, ethics)

  • Dirty Rotten Trackers: Your online identity needs as much protection as the real world. Exposing the hidden digital ‘holes’ to be aware of.
  • Software decodes our human emotion each day without us even knowing it - take Alexa or Siri even - Should we let it? 
  • Social media is rife with privacy and security trapdoors - here’s how we can amp up our safety. 


Meta-what??: Demystifying the Next Internet & Metaverse

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