Alex Gregory

Double Olympic Gold Medalist and Motivational Speaker
Alex Gregory Speaker Profile
  • Two time Olympic Gold medalist with five World Championship titles
  • Shares lessons from his rowing career about performing well under pressure
  • Takes audience on an emotional journey through the highs and lows of Olympic competition
  • Demonstrates the importance of teamwork to achieving success

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Alex Gregory MBE is a World class expert in developing and sustaining High Performing teams. This knowledge enabled him to win 2 consecutive Gold medals at the Olympic Games as well as numerous World titles.

Alex has spoken around the World to many different audiences; from intimate groups of CEOs to large multi-level organisations about how to create high performing individuals and build and sustain high performing teams.

Alongside public speaking he is a High Performance and Transformation coach working with World class individuals to help them achieve greater levels of performance and success. “What is the difference between a gold medal and last place? Those that sit on the start line with absolute confidence and clarity and those that don’t.”

The multi-gold medal winning Olympic champion rower is an extremely popular addition to an event. With a warm and encouraging demeanour and the ability to ignite his audience's passion for adventure and performance, Alex is a must have. Alex motivates with ease, encouraging balance in life while pushing through self imposed barriers and external pressures through personal development and team unity.

Alex is no stranger to adversity, having spent almost a decade fighting and ‘failing’ before finally becoming World Champion. This story he retells for captivated audiences with humour, humility and emotion. Alex takes his audience on a journey with his emotive life lessons, guiding them through the highs and lows in a thought-provoking manner.

His speeches help every single member achieve their true potential as individuals, in order to ensure the high-performance standard of the entire team. Alex believes that "a team is greater than the sum of its parts", an ideology that drives the core message of his presentations. Having cultivated his own skills, Alex is now helping people to realise their own potential through his speeches and work as a High performance coach.

Alex has also taken to the ocean, as well as the Olympic stage. On an Arctic rowing expedition, he put his mind and body to the test in some of the coldest waters in the world. Accredited with seven Guinness World records, the mission was a success despite the uncertainty of returning from the ocean after getting caught up in a severe Arctic storm. The team ended up marooned on a remote island in the middle of the Greenland sea which took weeks to be rescued from.

Audiences of Alex's speeches revel in his stories. For corporate audiences, Alex can inspire team cohesion and unity alongside the need and desire for an individual’s self improvement.

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