Dustin Garis

Brand Innovator, Customer Experience, Pioneer Formerly Chief Troublemaker at Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and AMEX
Speaker Dustin Garis
  • "The #1 most engaging and mind-blowing keynote!" -American Marketing Association
  • Leads transformational change across nearly all industries and regions of the globe
  • The “Indiana Jones of Marketing,” pioneer for billion-dollar brands at P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, American Express, Ericsson, and other Fortune 500s and entrepreneurial ventures

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Dustin Garis is a world-renowned brand innovator, consistently voted “the #1 event speaker.” Throughout his disruptive career at some of the world’s most breakthrough companies, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble, and Ericsson, Garis was known as “Chief Troublemaker” for his ability to push the boundaries of innovation, customer experience, and change leadership.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Garis brings the same no-holds-barred approach to his keynotes that helped him blaze trails in the world’s largest companies and entrepreneurial startups. His deep insights and charismatic persona keep audiences captivated while helping organizations embark on the next frontier of innovation—whether he’s break-dancing on stage or blowing wide open the rise of the “experience revolution” with anecdotes and visuals. With a particular focus on how brands can enrich lives, Garis offers examples of brands that are getting it right by “revolting against routine,” and creating memorable experiences to drive engagement among Gen X/Y/Z consumers and employees.

Garis was a leader of global innovation & marketing for P&G FutureWorks—an innovation epicenter responsible for accelerating discontinuous growth by incubating, launching, and scaling a billion-dollar pipeline of breakthrough ventures worldwide. This includes P&G’s momentous shift into services, with the Mr. Clean Car Wash and Tide Dry Cleaners. Garis also launched the P&G FutureWorks Global division in Singapore, deploying new business models and technologies across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Garis earned the title of “Indiana Jones of Marketing” when he embarked on a global expedition to over 50 countries across six continents, to uncover the secret to building life-changing brands. As other testaments to his non-traditional approach to innovation, Garis has been known to begin meetings with opera singers, convert an elevator into his office, bucket bathe in rural India, eat blindfolded, travel the office by Segway, ride an 1,800-pound bull in a rodeo, and other experiments that keep HR awake at night.

Beyond his changemaker leadership roles in corporate innovation and billion-dollar brands, Garis now helps other organizations accelerate their innovation capabilities and company culture, as a Chief Troublemaker-in-Residence. He leverages lessons from the world’s most innovative brands (Google, Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Airbnb, etc.), best practices in change leadership, as well as insight into the Millennial-led social movement LifeProfit, which is now fueling an experiential brand revolution across multinationals and entrepreneurial startups.

“Dustin Garis is not only a 'Chief Troublemaker,’ he is also a dream speaker to collaborate with. He’s an asset to any program that that seeks a true visionary, a creative spirit, and an innovative force that entertains and excites a room. I program events with hundreds of speakers and he stands above them allinspiring me and making my job fun.” — VP of Programming, NATPE

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Speaker Video

The Next Frontier of Brand Innovation

Dustin Garis on the Experience Economy

The Future of Brand Innovation

“From start to finish, Dustin managed to engage the full audience of 2500 people!”

The Next Frontier Of Brand Innovation. 
Every organization must continuously transform itself to capitalize on the changing world around it. When faced with the challenge of disrupting the world's largest marketing company (P&G), Dustin Garis integrated lessons from his global expeditions that spanned 40 countries, thousands of consumers, and thought-leaders from the most innovative Fortune 500’s and entrepreneurial ventures. What he uncovered is a brand revolution that focuses on life-enriching experiences. Coined “LifeProfit,” this creates the single most desired brand engagements by consumers, and it’s the engine behind innovative work forces. He inspires audiences with a customizable talk that takes you on a fascinating journey, transforming the way you approach your brand… and your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energizing the organization around a transformative vision for the future.
  • Case studies from the world’s most innovative brands at the forefront of the experience revolution.
  • Practical strategies for enabling your consumers and employees to “live your brand.”
  • A blueprint for accelerating your brand's innovation for business breakthroughs and social impact.
  • The meaning of life, or at least the importance of humanizing your brand, from the inside out.

Specialized Keynotes:

Sales/Marketing: The Experience Economy Revolution. 
As the Chinese proverb states, “Hearing something a thousand times is less impactful than experiencing it once.” Why then do we spend the bulk of our focus on brand messages instead of brand experiences? There’s a shift taking place -- leadership brands (from Coke to Mr. Clean) have stopped talking about their brand, to now focus on experiences that get people to live their brand. This represents the single largest white-space opportunity for brands to grow: real life. Taking your brand off the shelf and out of media, to authentically enrich people’s life experiences, generates the highest level of loyalty, advocacy, and sales (with a game-changing 95% lift).

Innovation/Culture: Human Innovation. 
Considering that “over 95% of consumers and employees are human,” how could our approach to innovation be more human? From his years helping global megabrands act like entrepreneurial startups, brand humanist Dustin Garis proved that the greatest opportunity for brands is not just innovating on products and marketing, but rather innovating on the full human experience. In this talk, Dustin Garis shares mind-bending principles for reinventing the organization from the inside out, creating a culture of creativity/agility and unconventional approaches to human understanding, for breakthrough market impact.

Change Leadership: Be A Troublemaker. 
Changing the world begins with changing the way people experience the world, both customers and employees. But this isn’t easy -- it takes change leadership. Those willing to be a troublemaker, a changemaker who can stretch the organizational comfort zone to try new things. In this talk, Dustin Garis shares the unexpected best practices of corporate troublemakers behind breakthrough market innovations (from Virgin to Southwest Airlines). They don’t just adapt to changes, they lead the change. This applies to c-suite executives and frontline managers who live innovation, embodying these traits in everything they do. Troublemakers like these have been behind all great human advancement in history.

Digital/Media/Retail: The Future Of Digital. 
“You are more likely to summit Mt. Everest than intentionally click a banner ad.” Now that the world has gone digital, it’s time to get offline. In our blind rush to prove our tech savvy, we’ve lost sight of our true brand purpose. It’s time we look beyond the noise of shiny new gadgetry, to focus on the key drivers of market disruption, which are rooted in fundamental human behaviors. We now have the clarity and capability to leverage digital media as a gateway (a means vs. an end) to true brand engagement and customer experience. Brands from The North Face to Zappos have discovered that in this age of authenticity, “virtual” will always be secondary to “reality.”

Futurist/Trends: The Millennial Movement. 
“80% of Millennials prefer experiences over stuff.” This is the most powerful, yet untapped, human insight that is driving the marketplace. It can be seen in how the Millennial social movement is changing the traditional model of consumption, employment, and lifestyle. This experience-first generation presents a challenge to brands, with implications across all functions (marketing, product design, hiring, etc), but also an extraordinary opportunity if they can understand the dynamics of this movement and how to fuel it. In this talk, Dustin Garis teaches brands and retailers “how to fish” for hidden insights, and offers a futurist look at the trends (and countertrends) of Millennial-first brands like GoPro and AirBnb that are changing the world of business… and the world.

Speaking Themes:

Innovation & Transformation | Sales & Marketing | Experience Economy | Future Trends & Insights | Digital Disruption | Change Leadership | Millennials | Customer Experience & Retail | Inspiration & Motivation | Culture & Creativity

Industries Served:

Financial Services | Food & Beverage | Travel & Hospitality | Retail & Services | Health & Wellness | Technology & Media | Industry Associations | CPG & Durables

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