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Are you looking for something different at this year’s meeting? Do you have a hard spot to fill that needs to be both entertaining and packed with practical takeaways? Here is a list of four keynote speakers who have presentations that ar...
With authoritative reporting honed through 8 presidencies, Bob Woodward's latest book will reveal the inside story of President Trump’s White House and how he makes decisions on major foreign and domest...
If your group is looking to book a female speaker for an event this year or next year, consider one of these talented individuals covering today's hottest topics.
Entrepreneur and inventor Mick Ebeling discusses the concept of “impossible,” the underlying psychological effects it has on an organization, and how to overcome it so true innovation can take pla...
Registration is now open for the biggest speaker event of the year, Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas, on Friday, March 8, 2019 in Washington, DC. Get a sneak preview of the speaker lineup and r...

Leading Authorities, Inc. Speakers Bureau

Here at Leading Authorities Inc., a Washington, DC-based speakers bureau, we are ready to make speaker recommendations, hunt down hard-to-find talent, or quote fees. We'll do research for you, talk with you about trending topics, and handle travel and logistics so you can focus on the big picture.

Meet Our Speakers

We are often asked, "Who's hot right now?" on the speaker circuit. Our comprehensive roster of keynote speakers includes sought-after personalities in politics, business, and the media as well as people with incredible inspirational stories. These are the speakers that our clients turn to most often for their events.

Former SEAL Team Six Leader, Naval Special Warfare Development Group, & New...

Ken Schmidt, Business and Communication Strategist

Former Director of Communications at Harley-Davidson & Author

President at McChrystal Group, Best-selling Author, Leadership Expert, and...

First African American Female Combat Pilot

Former Commander of US and International Forces in Afghanistan, Best-Selling...

"Facts and Fears" is #2 on the New York Times nonfiction best sellers list.

Watch Our Speakers

Matthew "Griff" Griffin, Entrepreneur and CEO of Combat Flip Flops
Ken Schmidt, the former director of communications strategy at Harley Davidson
Howard Fineman on Living in "Trumptown"
John Hillen, CEO, Business Leader, Leadership Expert, and Author

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The Circuit: A Glass Case of Emotion

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Shon Hopwood, Josh Earnest, Annie Duke, Kristen Beck, Ramez Naam

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5 New Leading Authorities Speakers

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Podcast Hector Monsegur and Chris Tarbell

Podcast: The Hacker and the FBI Agent

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Podcast: The Hacker and the FBI Agent

At one point in time, Hector Monsegur was one of the world’s most notorious “black hat”...

Leadership Meeting Speakers

9 Speakers For Your Leadership Meetings

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9 Speakers For Your Leadership Meetings

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Working Together:

We love working with our clients and they love working with us. Together, the three divisions of Leading Authorities, Inc. create and tell stories that inspire action and drive change. See how our people can collaborate with your team to create great content, effective communication campaigns, and impactful events. Individually, we never fail to impress -- see what can happen when you engage a combination of our team.

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The Advantages of working together:

Get the most from your investment – put your talent on video to create:

  • Promos that build anticipation
  • Speaker introductions that add excitement
  • Posts for social media that capture your message

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The Advantages of working together:

LAI lives for putting on a good show – this dynamic duo delivers great ideas like:

  • Effective use of cameras and screens
  • Fun Housekeeping videos
  • Social Media assets
  • Happy Faces videos and post-event content

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We create and tell stories that inspire action and drive change.

We’ll help you choose the right experts for your group, design
and execute a memorable event, and use it all to tell the story of
your brand, your cause, your industry through video and social
campaigns that generate likes, shares, and engagement.
Individually, we impress - see what can happen when
you engage a combination of our team.

Speakers & live

The Advantages of Working Together:

Expertise. Subject matter experts + seasoned producers =

  • Strategic content and curriculum design
  • Smooth rehearsals and show management
  • One-stop entertainment procurement and production