Chris Cillizza

Popular Political Analyst, Former CNN Politics Reporter and Editor-at-Large
Chris Cillizza smiling, wearing a dark sweater over a light collared shirt
  • Founding editor of the popular Washington Post political blog “The Fix”
  • Highly-respected political analyst and must-follow X (formerly known as Twitter) personality
  • Focuses on electoral politics and the personalities working publicly and behind-the-scenes to shift the balance of power in Washington

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Chris Cillizza stands as one of Washington’s most exciting analysts of campaign politics. With piercing humor and probing insight, the self-described political junkie speaks to a variety of audiences on the nuances of national and local campaign politics. His extensive media appearances, spanning from TV to print to the blogosphere to his hundreds of thousands of social media followers, led The Washingtonian to name him one of the top 50 journalists working in Washington today. He pens the So What newsletter (which has more than 13,000 subscribers on Substack), in which he shares his wit and wisdom on politics, sports, and "a whole lot else," and also uses his YouTube channel (more than 15,000 subscribers) to take audiences beyond the "what" of the news cycle and into the "so what" and "now what."  Previously, Cillizza served as politics reporter and editor at large for CNN, where he held various online and on air roles, including as the creator of The Point with Chris Cillizza, a nightly newsletter. Known for tapping into his immense reservoir of political knowledge to examine the past and provide insights on the constantly evolving state of Washington politics, Cillizza's commentary explores the current presidency and the state of Capitol Hill with prodigious depth and a discerning eye for future political trends.  

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Cillizza has cultivated a distinct reputation as one of the most keen, witty, and impartial observers of politics inside the Beltway. Having provided political commentary as a guest on Fox News Channel and MSNBC, Cillizza is able to deliver penetrating analysis on the ways in which candidates must meet the 21st century demands of their constituents. As someone incredibly involved with and attuned to fluctuating media standards, Cillizza’s coverage of political races seeks to capture and explain the complex relationship between politicians and an evolving electorate. Having appeared on MTV and YouTube as a debate moderator between presidential candidates, Cillizza has become aware of the emerging importance of social media, young voters, and growing generational influences on campaign politics. As Cillizza knows well by now, “politics is never over.” In this light, he consistently dazzles audiences with unparalleled knowledge and a view of politics that is both thrilling and evocative of today’s world.

Prior to CNN, Cillizza became the first reporter from a major news organization to work online as a White House political correspondent by launching the Washington Post’s hugely popular blog “The Fix,” which focuses on American electoral politics, including gubernatorial, Congressional, and presidential elections. Cillizza grew “The Fix” over a decade to include a team of bloggers and editors and it is now regarded as one of the most widely read blogs in Washington. “The Fix” receives upwards of 575,000 hits daily and serves the readership of both seasoned political veterans and casual Washington observers. Cillizza also served as an MSNBC on-air contributor and analyst. Before the Post, Cillizza wrote for Roll Call and reported on gubernatorial races and southern House races for the Cook Political Report. He also wrote a column for Congress Daily, and his freelance pieces have also appeared in various publications such as The Atlantic Monthly, Washingtonian, and Slate.

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Exploring the White House and Campaign Politics. Having analyzed politics through every form of mass media, Chris Cillizza’s speeches are unsurpassed in their quality and relevance to today’s political climate. Cillizza, who originally intended to bring his talents to sports journalism, expertly captures the high-stakes drama and the quirky inner-workings of politics. He thoroughly explores the White House and the current administration and brings audiences to surprising conclusions about the future trajectory of national politics. Audiences will revel in his witty and illuminating analysis (he is hilarious) and find his ideas on the country’s political environment to be both purposeful and memorable.

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