Step-By-Step Speaker Booking Process

First time booking a professional keynote speaker? First time working with a speakers bureau and curious about our booking process? Learn about the numerous benefits of working with a speakers bureau and get a step-by-step overview of our speaker booking process below.

Finding & Booking A Speaker For An Event

Here’s how finding and booking the perfect speaker for your event works.

1) Type of Event


  • Speak with one of our seasoned program consultants about your event, your audience, your budget, your key stakeholders, and your objectives, etc.
  • We’ll share intel on today’s hottest topics and themes for events, what we hear from our clients, and the newest names on the speaking circuit.

2) Get a List of Speaker Reccomendations

  • We will send you a customized list of speaker recommendations tailored especially for your event and your audience based on what you’ve told us.
  • We’ll include links to speaker promo videos, relevant news articles, and speaker profile pages as well as our own personal insights and recommendations based on our team's extensive experience to help you make the best choice for your event.
  • Our team will also check availability and speaking fees for potential speakers and we'll provide you with the best options that fit into your budget and other event criteria to review.

3) Choose A Speaker & Start Contract

  • You tell us who you are interested in booking or what types of speakers you would like to book for your event.
  • We’ll draw up a contract for you and the speaker to spell out all of the details and handle the payments and terms.

4) We Arrange Logistics & Communication

  • One of our experienced event coordinators will contact you to find out the nitty-gritty details and arrange flights, cars, hotels, all of the other logistics. And our team will troubleshoot and address any potential issues or bumps in the road so you can focus your time and energy on your meeting or event.
  • We’ll arrange and schedule any pre-event conference calls or pre-event communication, as appropriate, to make sure your speaker is prepped to speak to your audience.

5) Speaker Arrives & "Wows" Your Audience

  • Your keynote speaker or speakers will arrive to your event location on-time, fully prepared, and ready to "Wow" your audience.
  • We guarantee that you will hear a great customized presentation from your keynote speaker and plenty of positive attendee feedback.

6) Everyone is Happy

  • Your audience laughs, they cry, they learn something new, and leave raving about your speaker choice and your event.
  • You look good and are ready to do it again the following year!

Book A Speaker For Your Event Today

Now that you know our process for how to find a speaker for an event, are you ready to experience it firsthand?

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