Heather Caygle

Managing Editor, Punchbowl News
Heather Caygle in a white blouse smiling at the camera
  • One of the nation’s leading journalists who, before becoming managing editor of Punchbowl News, served as a congressional reporter for POLITICO & Bloomberg
  • Provides unbiased, straight-from-the-source insights on today’s top stories in politics and policy
  • Offers audiences a look into what’s going on inside Congress and the White House and what’s moving our political landscape

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One of the nation’s leading journalists, Heather Caygle has made a name for herself covering the ins and outs of what’s happening inside Congress and the White House and the impact on politics, policy, and society. She is currently the managing editor of Punchbowl News, which has grown to become one of the most credible media outlets in the few short years since its founding. Before becoming managing editor of Punchbowl News, Caygle served as congressional bureau chief for POLITICO and a congressional reporter for Bloomberg BNA. Her byline has become nearly perpetual alongside many of the nation’s top stories, as she covers headline-making news from every conceivable angle.  

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Caygle offers audiences impartial, even-handed analysis of the movers, shakers, and newsmakers who are influencing the direction of American politics. As she relates the latest headlines to the issues that groups care about, Caygle weaves in amusing, firsthand anecdotes that bring audience members closer to the news and help them understand the impact on their organizations, and society as a whole.

In her role as managing editor of Punchbowl News, Caygle oversees the publication’s daily coverage and shapes its editorial direction. As a longtime reporter and congressional bureau chief at POLITICO, her coverage on Congress and House leadership was seen as must-read. Known for her in-depth analysis and ability to draw out exclusive, straight-from-the-source insights, Caygle reported on many of the biggest stories of various presidential administrations, including the impeachment of President Donald Trump and the 2020 Presidential Election. Prior to POLITICO, Caygle served as a congressional reporter for Bloomberg BNA, where she focused on federal transportation policy.

Known for her commitment to keeping the public informed and maintaining the line between news and opinion, Caygle continues to be one of the most trusted voices on people, power, and politics in America.  

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Heather Caygle calls out "huge conflict of interest" in GOP investigations

People, Power, and Politics with a Punch. As the managing editor for Punchbowl News and a former congressional reporter for POLITICO and Bloomberg, Heather Caygle is wired into the most important conversations surrounding our nations politics and policy — from the halls of Congress to inside the White House. Leading a compelling conversation, she takes audiences beyond the headlines and to the heart of the key issues that are shaping our nation’s political landscape. As she dissects the news of the day and gets to the bottom of everything going on in Washington, D.C, she provides audiences with a more complete understanding of the key trends and the forces at play in politics, and how various scenarios could impact business and society.

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