Jim Warny

Cave Diver & Rescuer
Jim Warny
  • One of the main players in 2018 rescue mission of Thai boys’ soccer team, extracting the team coach
  • Record-holder for completing the longest traverse of water-filled underground cave in Ireland
  • Shares the incredible story of the Thai rescue mission and how to operate in extreme environments and handle challenges.

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Jim Warny has been involved in cave exploration for the last two decades and has participated in many expeditions to remote cave systems. He lives in Ireland where he is only a stone throw away from undiscovered cave passage.

He got involved in diving at the age of 12 and from there on he forged a path towards highly technical diving in extreme environments. Jim thrives on operating in these environments and has developed a methodical approach towards operating in these places. This ability has served him well in many situations including some life or death situations.

Jim was one of the main players involved in rescuing the boys’ soccer team who got trapped in a 4km cave system in Thailand in July 2018. Jim also had the responsibility of extracting the team coach out through the complex underwater cave system. He has participated in the making of a feature film depicting the epic rescue due to be released in 2019.

Jim also holds the record for completing the longest traverse of water-filled underground cave in Ireland.

For his involvement in the cave rescue in Thailand, Jim has received the knighthood of the Léopold order from the king of Belgium along with many other awards and honours.

Jim has been a keynote speaker on in front of many groups of different categories and prides himself in telling his story and the story of the Thai cave rescue so others can be inspired. Operating in extreme environments puts you in a place that brings the worst and best out of people and learning how to handle in these situations teaches anyone how to deal with challenges in life or work.

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