Kevin Gaskell

Former Group CEO of BMW GB, Former CEO of Porsche GB, and Former CEO of Lamborghini GB
  • Former CEO of four successful world-class brands, serial entrepreneur
  • Recognised for driving the turnaround for Porsche GB, leading the company from last to first in the customer satisfaction league, and from close to failure to the market’s most profitable brand
  • He has created $5 billion in shareholder value to date
  • Broke world record for the fastest five-member team to row across the Atlantic Ocean, along with his son, Matt, and 3 other members

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Examining Kevin Gaskell’s track record surprises some people. As CEO of four successful world class brands, and as a serial entrepreneur who has built international companies from nothing more than ‘a good idea,’ Kevin has created over $5 billion in shareholder value and yet has still found time to break a world record, climb the world’s highest mountains, walk to both North and South Poles, compete in international sports, and play in a rock band. He speaks with electricity about using inspired leadership to achieve extraordinary results.

Exclusively represented in North America by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Gaskell was appointed Managing Director of Porsche at age 32 after just five years with the company. He was responsible for the turnaround of the UK business as well as the growth and redevelopment of the brand. He has a passion for actions that get results – in everything he does. He went on to serve as Managing Director of BMW GB. His energy and leadership has helped companies including Porsche GB, BMW GB, Lamborghini GB, epyx and EurotaxGlass’s to achieve world class levels of customer service and financial performance. A highly motivational and engaging speaker, he passionately believes that ordinary people can deliver extraordinary results given the invitation to believe in the goal and the opportunity to contribute towards its achievement. He has always built success with the team developed inside the company. He demonstrates that leadership is an adaptable and transferable skill and is a key enabler of successful teamwork in any situation. Drawing upon his deep experience and his current leadership roles in a number of growing companies Kevin provides audiences with practical lessons of how people can be inspired to achieve extraordinary results. He offers the audience practical tools that they can take and immediately apply to their own business.

Kevin is a natural communicator with the ability to lead, build and motivate a management team and to engage the team throughout an organization. He is the author of Inspired Leadership: How You Can Achieve Extraordinary Results in Business.

His drive and passion were apparent from an early age when he qualified as an engineer, then as an accountant and completed his MBA before pursuing a career that took him through the construction industry, the chemical industry and then into the automotive sector, where he was appointed UK Managing Director of Porsche at the age of 32 and BMW GB at the age of 37. He was recognized as ‘One of the top 40 leaders under 40 in the UK’ by Business Age magazine. Today he actively chairs, invests and partners with a number of companies helping them to achieve market leading growth and to manage change successfully. He has led businesses in sectors including automotive, branded goods, technology, data, professional services, marine and landscape gardening! His companies have won global start up competitions and his leadership teams recognised with ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Best Private Equity Investment of the Year’ awards from the Sunday Times.

His approach to building success has been featured on the TV show Millionaire Minds broadcast to over 250 million viewers globally.

Despite the demands of his professional career Kevin celebrated his 40th birthday by climbing on Mount Everest. He has subsequently climbed, and continues to climb, some of the world’s highest mountains. He has also walked with his son, unsupported, to both the North and South Poles to raise money for Cancer Research and to support the personal development of special needs students. Since then he has helped to fund a new cancer treatment center and to support Alan Chambers MBE in the development of Extreme Classrooms, an outdoor learning experience making a difference in the lives of vulnerable teenagers.

To raise awareness about plastic ocean pollution, Gaskell broke the world record for the fastest five-member team to row across the Atlantic Ocean, along with his son, Matt, and 3 other members of their team. Find out more about the journey at

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Speaker Video

Kevin Gaskell: Most Limitations Are Self-Imposed

Kevin Gaskell: Leadership to Achieve Extraordinary Performance

Kevin Gaskell: How to Transform Any Business

Few people have led three of the world’s iconic brands to new levels of success and managed successful turnarounds of failing international companies. Even fewer have created market leading businesses from an idea. Add in experience of playing international sport and walking to both the North and South poles and climbing the world’s highest mountains and you have someone with a unique set of skills.

Using an energetic and inclusive style, Kevin shares the tools and techniques which have enabled his teams to deliver extraordinary results. Drawing upon his experience and his ongoing leadership roles in a number of growing companies, Kevin shares practical lessons of how individuals in businesses from 7 to 7,000 employees can be inspired to form teams which transform organisations and build world-class performance. 

Frequently Addressed Topics Include:

  • Leading ordinary people to extraordinary success
  • Business transformation—inspiring and delivering
  • Forming a world-class team—being a genius creator
  • Leading in times of turbulence—and enjoying it
  • Building a world-class brand—creating the experience
  • Heroic customer service—achieving world class
  • Dealing with digital challenges—there is no choice

In addition to keynote speaking, Kevin offers highly-interactive masterclass sessions. The masterclass provides an introduction to a series of practical tools developed to support each delegate’s development as an Inspiring Leader able to engage their workforce in building a world class future.

This highly practical masterclass will support those with a significant need to influence others, inside or outside of their sphere of control. The sessions support the delegates to apply the process of business review and regeneration. The content is designed to encourage the delegate to achieve a clarity of vision and to define a prioritised activity plan.

Key Features of The Masterclass Include:

  • Full day, half day, or quarter-day session
  • Highly practical and inclusive
  • Emphasis on development of World-Class Performance
  • Offers tools and processes to take away and implement
  • Builds a personal and business action plan
  • Improves leadership skill and team building processes

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