Robert Richman

Culture Strategist at & Author of Culture Blueprint
Robert Richman
  • One of the world’s authorities on employee culture and customer experience
  • Worked at before, during, and after the acquisition and helped the company grow from 1,200 to 1,700 people, resulting in 50% growth
  • Monetized culture, turning it (culture) from a cost center to a $9mm business

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Robert Richman is a culture strategist and was the co-creator of Zappos Insights, an innovative program focused on educating companies on the secrets behind Zappos’ amazing employee culture.

Robert built Zappos Insights from a small website to a thriving multi-million dollar business teaching over 25,000 students per year. Through his work, Robert has been helpful for improving the employee culture at hundreds of companies.

As one of the world’s authorities on employee culture, Robert is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences around the world and has been hired to teach culture in person at companies like Google, Toyota, and Eli Lilly. He has pioneered several innovative techniques to build culture, such as bringing improv comedy to the workplace.

Robert's book, The Culture Blueprint, is a systematic guide to how a workplace can help people grow, inspire amazing service, and ultimately drive revenue through amazing culture.

Robert graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in film, as well as from Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, and he is based out of San Diego, California (though he’s on the speaking tour most of the time).

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