Sara M. Watson

Tech Critic and Industry Analyst
Sara Watson Speaker
  • Senior Analyst covering connectivity and technology at Insider Intelligence with a focus on privacy, data, and policy
  • Published in The Atlantic, Wired, and The Washington Post
  • Bridging industry, academia, and policy

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Sara M. Watson is a technology critic and industry analyst. Her intersectional career covering data, privacy, and tech policy bridges industry, policy, and academia. Sara has been a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University where her work on personal data and privacy raised awareness of data’s role in the digital economy. As a fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, her research on the media’s evolving coverage of technology advocated for more constructive technology criticism. Sara has covered emerging tech trends as a principal analyst at Forrester, Insider Intelligence, and the Gartner Research Board.

Her writing appears in The Atlantic, Wired, The Washington Post, Slate, Motherboard, and other publications, and her work has been cited in the Financial Times and The New Yorker. She presents at technology conferences around the globe.

She holds an MSc in the Social Science of the Internet with distinction from the Oxford Internet Institute and graduated from Harvard College magna cum laude with a joint degree in English and American literature and film studies. She spent much of the last decade living in Singapore and China and is now based in New York City.

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Speaker Video

Future Everything Singapore - Sara Watson

Strata Singapore: Taking Personalization Personally Sara M. Watson

Databite No. 43: Sara M. Watson

Sara Watson: Technology, Personlization, & Optimization

Big data, algorithms, and personal data: “Taking Personalization Personally,” exploring the human impacts of data as it is collected, interpreted, and used for decision making and personalization in our lives. Advocating for consumer protection and human agency.

Big Tech, Antitrust, Platform Politics, and the Tech Backlash: “Towards a Constructive Technology Criticism,” on the evolution of criticism in tech coverage, emerging global policies and governance models to regulate technology. 

Artificial Intelligence: “The AI Story So Far,” on the dominant apocalyptic narratives we focus on about AI, and why we need more grounded, practical stories to understand our human-machine relationships with AI. Algorithmic decision making, ethics of AI.

5G: Global adoption trends, on-the-ground user experience realities. 

Wearables and the Quantified Self: What consumers do with data, and what we can learn about making data accessible and manageable for users.

Moderating and Interviewing: Leading discussions for conference panels, fireside chats, and book talks. Passionate about facilitating insightful conversations on a wide range of technology and society subjects. 

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