Christy Tanner

Digital & Culture Transformation Thought Leader, Former C-Level Executive at CBS Interactive & TV Guide Digital
Christy Tanner in a black turtleneck
  • Digital transformation visionary and big brand revitalizer who has led disruptive, market-leading teams at large legacy organizations
  • Spearheaded innovative programs that resulted in game-changing products and millions of dollars in business growth
  • Advises global companies on digital transformation and how to awaken a culture of innovation within their organizations
  • Shares strategic guidance for how to leverage emerging technology to power growth and position organizations for long-term success

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With an unparalleled track record spanning more than two decades, Christy Tanner has led innovation and disruption at the world’s most recognizable brands, breathing new life into their business models, keeping them several steps ahead of the curve, and positioning them as market leaders and innovators for the long term. Widely regarded as a media visionary, Tanner spearheaded agile digital and cultural transformation initiatives as a C-level executive at top companies, including CBS Interactive and TV Guide Digital, where she leveraged emerging technologies and cutting-edge narrative skills to develop winning strategies and future-focused teams. She draws from her own experiences as a corporate leader, sought-after advisor, and board member to help organizations across industries break new ground and create value by unlocking new opportunities to challenge conventional wisdom, build diverse coalitions, and meet consumer needs.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Tanner supports organizations in finding mass-market and targeted opportunities for developing products and services with purpose. She walks audiences through interactive and collaborative exercises for foreseeing the trends and tech that can be utilized to power innovation across teams, outpace the competition by years, and reshape organizational culture from top to bottom. As she demonstrates the benefits of embracing digital technologies, she provides tailored, strategic guidance for how any leader can identify untapped potential both in tech and their people — and develop a business blueprint for sustained success in this increasingly digital age.

Tanner is also a firm believer in diversity, equity, and inclusion; As part of her talks, she highlights the reasons why companies that operate with DEI at their core values and build teams with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and talents are often more innovative and able to reach their objectives at an expedited pace. Her seamless weaving together of personal anecdotes, analysis of industry trends, and tried-and-true strategies for digital transformation provide groups with thought-starters for how to take their organizations to the next level, as well as lessons for how to capitalize on spaces where there is room to learn and grow.

For eight years, Tanner headed the News and Media divisions for CBS Interactive, overseeing all aspects of the digital businesses and content, including the massive growth of global and local streaming services for CBS News Digital. Under her leadership, CBS News Digital became the number one comScore-ranked streaming news service. Prior to CBS Interactive, she was the CEO of TV Guide Digital, where she reinvented TV Guide for mobile and social audiences and then led its sale to CBS Interactive. Before that, held senior executive roles with Lionsgate, The Washington Post Company, Wolters Kluwer, and Reed Elsevier.

Today, Tanner serves as a partner-in-residence at The Nunatak Group; a senior advisor to Reykjavik Group, an action coalition for women leaders; and a special advisor to the executive committee of Digital Content Next, the leading trade organization serving premium digital content companies. Through her consultancy, Tanner Media, she advises startups, nonprofits, and global companies — including BBC Studios, Univision, and PBS on digital business strategies, operational tactics, and sustainable innovation models. Her insights on innovation, disruption, culture, and digital transformation are frequently cited in leading media outlets, where she shares proven strategies for how organizations can solve problems and create a lasting positive impact and competitive advantage.

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Christy Tanner on The Power of Transformation

Women Leaders Global Forum: Truth, Trust, Trolls

Hub Culture Davos2020: Christy Tanner, Executive VP and General Manger of CBS News Digital

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Strategies for Building a Culture of Innovation. When brands are struggling to keep pace with their competitors, they call Christy Tanner to push them back into the lead. As the CEO of TV Guide Digital, seeing where the industry was headed, she revitalized the platform for mobile and social, turning a forgotten product back into a must-have for TV viewers to keep up with their favorite shows. And as the head of CBS News Digital, she spearheaded the platform’s rise to becoming the number one-ranked streaming news service.

In this talk, she reveals the strategies she leveraged in order to awaken disruptive cultures within the organizations she has led and advised and demonstrates to groups how they can do the same within their own companies. As Tanner outlines step-by-step, customized frameworks for how to ignite a culture of innovation and disruption, she emphasizes the importance of embracing and adapting to new technology, shares proven tactics for attracting and nurturing top talent and empowering them to approach challenges in new and creative ways, and talks through methods for breaking down silos within organizations in order to build agile, cross-functional teams that collaborate effectively in order to develop breakthrough products, services, and solutions. By the end of the session, audiences will be equipped with tools and resources that will help them draw out innovative ideas and approaches from all corners of their organizations, and position their businesses for sustained success in their highly dynamic and competitive markets.

Digital Transformation Demystified: Lessons from the Frontlines of Change. One of the keys to Christy Tanner’s legendary success re-energizing global brands and moving them from behind the competition to way ahead of the curve is her willingness to embrace new technologies and their potential to support the companies she leads and advises in reaching the next level. She has been referred to as a digital transformation visionary for her work as a C-level and senior executive at companies including CBS Interactive, TV Guide Digital, Lionsgate, and The Washington Post Company — where she led initiatives to bring those organizations into the future years before their competitors had even spotted the trends that would get them there.

In this talk, she sets the stage on the current digital landscape, the opportunities it presents to businesses, and the impact of new technologies on industries, consumer behavior, and business models. She engages audiences with anecdotes from her own personal experiences leading full-scale digital transformation initiatives within complex organizational structures while sharing forward-thinking insights for how groups can put their own visions for transformation into action. She guides teams through the process of articulating their goals for digital transformation, aligning them to broader strategic objectives, and successfully transforming processes and operations in practical ways. Groups will gain a better understanding of how automation, artificial intelligence, and data-driven decision-making can support them in optimizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation.

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI. Generative AI is a groundbreaking technology that is revolutionizing the digital realm, along with the ways we work and operate our businesses. Having led digital transformation as a C-level executive at top companies, including CBS Interactive and TV Guide Digital, Christy Tanner has always been steps ahead when it comes to understanding emerging technologies and the opportunities and challenges they present to organizations. In this riveting talk, Tanner leads a deep dive into all the new doors generative AI is opening for organizations to innovate their strategies, processes, decisions-making, and employee and customer experiences. As she explains the capabilities ChatGPT, AlphaCode, Midjourney, and countless other generative AI applications you’ve been hearing about, Tanner outlines practical and potential ways for groups to leverage these tools to support their unique business objectives and unlock new avenues for success in their specific industries.

Exploring the Tech & Trends That Will Drive Your Organization Forward. A renowned corporate leader, advisor to global companies, and board member, Christy Tanner has always operated at the leading edge — making sure to keep an eye on emerging tech and trends and when to capitalize on them for maximum impact. She brings her foresight and insight to this highly fascinating session as she introduces groups to the emerging tech and trends that are already transforming the ways we live and work, as well as ones they haven’t yet heard of, but have the potential to reshape business and society in the near future. Tanner shares her expertise on generative AI, blockchain, the metaverse, the internet of things, and everything in between — breaking down their complexities in ways that are easy to grasp. She connects new trends and tech to the audience’s organizations and specific industries, demonstrates how they can spot trends on their own, and provides a plan of action for how groups can determine which new technologies align with their mission and how they can be implemented in order to position their businesses for success. 

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