Dana M. Peterson

Chief Economist, The Conference Board
Dana Peterson in a orange blazer smiling at the camera
  • Expert sought out by the world's top financial institutions, media outlets, and policymakers, to provide a clear understanding of the current economic landscape
  • With access to The Conference Board data and insight across all sectors, she has keen eye for emerging trends and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of global economies and how it relates to individual audiences and their business
  • Leads an immersive deep dive with up-to-the-minute insights on the near- and far-term economy and how businesses can adapt to its volatility

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With more questions than answers in today’s economic landscape, Dana M. Peterson, chief economist for the Conference Board, has established herself as a visionary, and the go-to expert providing insightful analysis and predictions to corporations, associations, and government organizations looking for clarity and foresight into how economic drivers might impact their businesses in the short- and long-term. With over two decades of experience in the field, she serves as the globally recognized think tank’s public face and primary spokesperson on all things related to the economy.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Peterson’s research and insights expand across topic areas that directly impact financial market implications, including monetary policy; fiscal and trade policy; debt, taxation; environmental, social, and governance principles; consumption; and demographics. When speaking, she provides a clear-cut, up-to-the-minute overview, helping groups make sense of the economic environment and the risks, challenges, and opportunities it presents to organizations and society. As part of an immersive deep dive supported by her own sought-after quantitative research and findings, Peterson discusses the labor markets, gross domestic product, and inflation, relating the subject matter back to audience members’ organizations and industries and offering practical steps for adapting to economic disruption.

In addition to serving as chief economist of The Conference Board and a member of its Executive Committee, Peterson also leads the organization’s U.S. Economy, Strategy & Finance (ESF) Center — directing and managing its research programs and spearheading the quality and integrity of creation and dissemination of its full knowledge portfolio. Peterson joined The Conference Board from Citi, where she spent close to two decades — first as North America economist and later as a global economist. At Citi, she led the production of macroeconomic forecasts and analysis for the United States and Canadian economies focused on political, monetary, fiscal, and financial market trends. Before Citi, Peterson served as a research assistant for the Federal Reserve Board, where she analyzed macroeconomic trends and investigated the impact of unemployment rates on federal and state government transfer programs.  

Peterson’s expertise has been featured in national and international news outlets, including CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Thomson-Reuters, CNN Finance, TD Ameritrade, Barron’s, and The Wall Street Journal — to name a few. Alongside her work and research, Peterson is a member of the Board of Directors for NBER, NABE, and the Global Interdependence Center, First Vice Chair of the New York Association for Business Economics, and a member of the NBEIC, the Forecasters Club, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Speaker Video

State of the Economy Address

Conference Board's Dana Peterson: Labor Shortages Are Here to Stay

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The Future of Economic Growth: Identifying Emerging Opportunities and Risks. As businesses and society continue to face rampant economic turmoil, Dana M. Peterson, chief economist at The Conference Board, provides and in-depth analysis of the current economic outlook, including a comprehensive review of key indicators, such as GDP growth, the labor market, inflation, and interest rates. She’s particularly skilled at breaking down complex economic concepts for any audience as she discusses the potential impact of global events and economic policy decisions. She relates the current economic climate to attendees’ specific organizations and industries, while also outlining potential future market trends and offering practical advice for how businesses can navigate the current landscape.

The Rise of ESG Investing and Its Impact on the Capital Markets. The growing body of research suggests that companies with strong environmental, social, and governance practices are better positioned for long-term business performance. This is a point supported by the findings of The Conference Board’s Chief Economist Dana M. Peterson who, in this talk, explores the intricate relationship between ESG and an organization’s financial performance. Peterson informs the audience of the importance of ESG to their organization, as well as actionable steps they can take they can take to develop and implement an ESG strategy that aligns with their business objectives. She offers audiences a clear explanation of the business case for ESG while promoting sustainable business practices.

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