Josh Luber

Entrepreneurial Disruptor, Co-founder and former CEO of StockX
Speaker Josh Luber
  • Turned his passion for sneakers into a billion-dollar business by creating the world’s first “Stock Market of Things”
  • Expert at successfully identifying and creating untapped opportunities in the market
  • Offers a look inside the mind of a future-focused entrepreneur and shares insights for unleashing your inner disruptor
  • Breaks down how businesses and organizations can capitalize on the latest trends in commerce and tech

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A business trailblazer and industry disruptor, Josh Luber combined his passion for entrepreneurship and sneakers to co-found StockX, the world’s first “Stock Market of Things,” with partners Dan Gilbert (co-founder and chairman of Quicken Loans and majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers), Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman in 2015. As CEO, Luber led StockX’s rise from idea to billion-dollar company and cemented its status as the leading marketplace for sneakers, apparel, and collectibles in under three years.

As one of the first people to recognize the potential of data in the sneaker industry, Luber provides audiences with rare insights into the hottest topics and future trends in commerce and technology. Through storytelling and a touch of hilarity, Luber possesses a special talent for breaking down complex concepts – from e-commerce to investing to NFTs – in a way that is relatable and easily understood by audiences. Drawing on his experience ideating, launching, and growing StockX to the powerhouse it is today, Luber’s talks are future-focused and empower groups to put on their entrepreneurial shoes and unleash the enterprising nature within them. He is exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau.

Before going all in on StockX, he founded and led four other startups, including Tech Experts, Servinity, and Campless, a data service which provided “sneakerheads” the opportunity to track the secondary market for sneaker sales and served as the predecessor to StockX. In between building his businesses, Luber also held various corporate roles as associate buyer at Nationwide Mattress and Furniture Warehouse, bankruptcy attorney at Alston & Bird law firm, vice president of business development at Best Plastics, and senior managing consultant – strategy & change, internal practice at IBM.

After raising a Series C, $110 million round of venture capital funding and bringing the company’s valuation to $1 billion, Luber stepped down from his role as CEO of StockX in 2019 to return to his entrepreneurial roots with the goal of revolutionizing the trading card industry – his other passion – in the same way he has done for sneakers. In addition to continuing to serve on StockX’s executive leadership team and board of directors, he is the co-founder and chief vision officer of trading card and collectibles company Fanatics Collectibles, and the founder of zerocool, the company’s pop culture, art, and entertainment vertical.

Luber has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, London Financial Times, and Inc. Magazine, and has appeared on ESPN, The Daily Show, and several other media outlets. In 2011, he delivered the world’s first Ted Talk about sneakers. He attended Emory University, where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration and joint Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor degrees.

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Disrupting the Sneaker Space: The StockX Story. Born to be an entrepreneur, Luber is an expert at identifying blind spots and emerging areas in the market and building trailblazing businesses that become disruptors in their industries. As one of the first people to recognize the potential of data in the sneaker industry, Luber combined his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for sneakers with his disruptive nature to co-found what would eventually become known as StockX – the world’s first “Stock Market of Things” and leading marketplace for sneakers, apparel, and collectibles.

In this talk, Luber takes audiences behind the scenes as he shares the story of StockX’s rise from idea to billion-dollar company in under three years. The StockX story – which is that of an overnight success 10 years in the making – serves as an introduction to disruption and offers audience members takeaways and action steps to set them on the path to revolutionizing their industries, just as Luber did for shoes.

The Future of eCommerce. StockX’s rise as the leading marketplace for sneakers, apparel, and collectibles was accelerated in part due to Luber’s future-focused brand of entrepreneurialism. He had the eye to capitalize on the exploding sneaker reseller market by optimizing it as a data service, and he continues to be a thought leader in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape. He’ll share with your audience his key insights for the future of eCommerce and how they can position their businesses for success in the new marketplace.

Putting on Your Entrepreneurial Shoes. Josh Luber has three passions: shoes, trading cards, and building businesses. A founder of six companies, Luber turned his passion for sneakers into StockX – a billion-dollar digital marketplace and has since returned to his entrepreneurial roots to do the same for trading cards.

As Luber once again finds himself in the startup founder’s chair, he shares with audiences how they can put on their entrepreneurial shoes and turn their passions into products, just as he’s been doing for decades. Luber will share his valuable insights on a different kind of IPO (initial product offerings), how to spot and create opportunities in the market, and how to think like a forward-looking entrepreneur.

The New Age of Investing. The digital age has turned investing on its head. Just as people were starting to understand bitcoin, in came non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and countless other possibilities for digital transactions. As someone at the leading edge of new technologies and investing, Luber is well-placed to provide your group with a primer on the current state of investing and the opportunities that exist in traditional investing and the NFT market, as well as future trends and tech and how to capitalize on them.

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