Speakers on the Top 10 Business Trends of 2022

Speakers on Top 10 Business Trends

As organizations are looking to understand the latest trends and technology, Forbes published the “The Top 10 Biggest Business Trends for 2022 Everyone Must be Ready For” to offer insights regarding factors with the potential to shape the market and the workplace this year.

We’ve highlighted the trends outlined in the article and compiled a list of some of our talented speakers who break down these topics for audiences, identify opportunities and uncertainties, and offer actionable insights to capitalize and pivot their organizations for success.

1. Work from Home … For Real!

  • Dex Hunter-Torricke, Former Head of Communications at SpaceX, Executive Communications Manager at Facebook, & Executive at Google who demonstrates how the most effective organizations will use the modern hybrid workplace as an opportunity to rethink how they organize, hire, and develop talent.
  • Mark Bowden, Expert in Body Language, Human Behavior, & Communication who highlights how to present, lead, sell, and communicate effectively when working virtually from your home office.
  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Legendary Business Leader, CEO of Exos, Former Global President of Gatorade, who draws from her own experiences working in highly team-oriented cultures to describe what it means to build and contribute to an “extreme team” and bring out the best in your people in the hybrid workforce dynamic.

2. Data as an Asset

  • Paul Zikopoulos, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Future Trends Expert, and VP of Big Data Cognitive Systems at IBM, who opens audiences’ eyes to how businesses are leveraging data to support sales and growth initiatives. 
  • Josh Luber, Entrepreneurial Disruptor, Co-Founder and Former CEO of StockX, who revolutionized the sneaker reseller market by recognizing the potential of data in the industry and offers insights on how disruptors use data to innovate their businesses.
  • Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Best-Selling Author of Delete and Big Data and Expert on the Networked Economy, who advises businesses, governments, and international organizations on the new economy and information society issues, and shares with audiences how big data analytics are revolutionizing the way people see and process the world and think about business.
  • Lior Zoref, Researcher, Advisor, TED Speaker, & Best-Selling Author, whose talks inspire a new look at the future of business in which data is used to crowdsource the power of collective intelligence and supercharge innovation within an organization.

3. Business Model Innovation

  • Colin Bryar & Bill Carr, Former Amazon Executives, Authors, & Co-Founders, Working Backwards, LLC, who take audiences behind the scenes during one of Amazon’s most innovative periods and reveal how organizations can think like an Amazonian and establish a culture of working backwards to drive success.
  • Jessie Hayes-Stallings, Beauty Industry Leader, Founder & CEO of Skinphorea Facial bar, & Creator of RevitalizeU Skincare Line, who draws from her experiences disrupting the beauty industry to help audiences develop a future-focused mindset in order to stay ahead of market trends and innovate their businesses before they have to.
  • Reggie Fils-Aimé, Former President and COO of Nintendo of America Inc., a transformation expert who shares his seven principles for breaking the rules to innovate across any industry using intellectual curiosity, non-linear thinking, and gamification to thrive in the era of disruption.

4. Automation

  • Kate Darling, Leading Expert in Social Robotics and MIT Media Lab Research Specialist, who explores the evolution of human-robot relationships as robots become more capable and move from behind factory walls and into shared spaces, such as the workplace, where they will begin interacting with humans.
  • Greg Williams, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Magazine, who knows what’s next first and shares with audiences how technology and trends, including automation, are shaping industry and the opportunities to integrate automation within organizations.  
  • Keller Rinaudo, Co-Founder & CEO of Zipline, Robotics and Autonomous Airplane Entrepreneur, whose experience automating aircrafts and revolutionizing product delivery for governments, pharmaceutical companies, and large logistics networks, positions him as a leading voice to help audiences realize the potential for automation in their organizations. 

5. Decentralized Finance

  • Michael Steep, Executive Director, Stanford Engineering Center for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities, who speaks passionately and with great insights about early-stage disruptive technologies, such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, will have a major impact on financial institutions and banking companies. 
  • Leonard Brody, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Best-Selling Author, & Innovation Expert, who takes audiences on a journey into the post-currency era and describes how the blockchain allows individuals and organizations to launch their own economic systems, which global capital markets will have to react and respond to.
  • Samantha Radocchia, Cultural Technologist, Blockchain Pioneer, & Co-Founder of Chronicled, Inc., who goes beyond the hype of blockchain by breaking down the technology, as well its current potential applications, to address why it’s the operating system for the future and its potential to disrupt current financial institutions.

6. Virtual Interfaces

  • Poppy Crum, Expert in Technology-Driven Innovation, Stanford Adjunct Professor, Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories, whose thought-provoking presentations highlight how businesses can harness the potential of innovative technologies to overcome hurdles and get new ideas out into the marketplace.
  • Nichol Bradford, Futurist and Transformative Tech Pioneer, Founder, & Executive, who speaks to the impact of transformative technology, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and how they can potentially usher in an era of business growth.  
  • Sophie Hackford, Futurist Researcher, who sheds light on the rise of virtual experiences and the ways in which the real world and digital world may continue to blend together as new digital technology emerges.

7. Going from Global to Local

  • Erik Peterson, Partner and Managing Director at A.T. Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council, who offers audiences a first look at the “Post-Global” age and discusses why businesses are hedging their existing global value chains and pursuing localization strategies to address uncertainties in a transformed marketplace.
  • Mitch Joel, Technology and Innovation Expert & Best-Selling Author, a “Rockstar of Digital Marketing” who takes audiences inside “The Great Compression” and how this period of expedited disruption has transformed the customer experience as businesses pivot their market strategies.
  • Zachary Karabell, Authority on Future Trends, Geopolitics, & the Changing Global Economic System, whose expertise is regularly sought-after by global media and whose edgy and upbeat presentations offer audiences a look at global economic trends and how they’re expected to impact businesses in the years to come.

8. Purposeful & Meaningful

  • Sebastian Terry, Creator of 100 Things Philanthropic Movement, who combines his electric energy and emotive storytelling to inspire organizations to gain perspective and maintain progress through purpose as they strive to reach their goals.
  • Poppy Jamie, Founder of Happy Not Perfect, Co-Founder of Pop & Suki, & Mental Health Advocate, who helps audiences see beyond the culture of perfection, hustle, and fictional work/life balance and offers practical tools to set them on the path to prioritizing their purpose and creating the future they want for their businesses.
  • Doug Rauch, Former President of Trader Joe’s, a master of innovation who is regarded as a leader in the conscious capitalism movement and shares stories and case studies about how businesses should focus on their purpose and leave profit as a result of good business.  

9. Sustainability

  • Seth Goldman, Co-Founder of Honest Tea, Founder of Eat the Change, PLNT Burger, and Chair of the Board of Beyond Meat, who draws from his experience building mission-driven, sustainable businesses to present to audiences the innovation framework he used to bring ideas such Honest Tea and Beyond Meat to fruition.
  • Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder of The Honest Company, Founder & CEO of Prima, who has been instrumental in spreading awareness about environmental health and speaks to the importance organizations innovating and championing new standards and safe options for families in the marketplace. 
  • Marga Hoek, Thought Leader on Sustainable Business and Capital and Best-Selling Author, who is a global voice on disruptive sustainability, advising ministers and presidents and inspiring audiences to use their organizations as forces of good as we push to create a more sustainable world.

10. Social Engagement

  • Adam Sharp, Former Head of News, Government, & Elections on Twitter, who has been called “the human embodiment of Twitter” by The New York Times and offers insights on ways brands and marketers can create stronger connections with their audiences, as well as how social media will drive global conversations in the future.
  • Crystal Washington, Technology Marketing Strategist and Futurist, who discusses current and future trends in social media and how organizations can leverage platforms to build relationships with customers, differentiate their brands, and increase sales.
  • Clara Shih, Founder & Executive Chair of Hearsay Social, Author of The Facebook Era, Member of Starbucks Board of Directors, who has revolutionized how companies engage with their customers and provides audiences with the playbook detailing how to use real-time insights to build lasting relationships with customers on social media that results in renewal, upsell, and referrals.

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