Laura Hearn

Mental Health Advocate & Consultant, Renowned BBC Journalist & Storyteller
Laura Hearn smiling at the camera in front of a light blue background
  • A mental health advocate and consultant who advises organisations on how to align their workplace mental health and wellness strategies to their business goals
  • As a speaker and advisor, helps organisations realise the benefits of optimising wellness at work and shares tips for thriving in challenging environments
  • Reflects upon her own battles with adversity to offer advice for how anyone can turn their struggles into strengths
  • Former BBC journalist and producer known for getting to the heart of the matter, and who has mastered the art of driving change through storytelling

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Laura Hearn is a renowned BBC journalist and storyteller with a keen eye for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and channelling those nuggets of inspiration into tangible outcomes — no matter the endeavour. She is also the host of the immensely popular Flip It podcast, which explores the depth of the human experience through the intricate stories that define who we are and aims to support listeners as they navigate life’s highs and lows. Having endured and overcome her own struggles with mental health, Hearn has long been an advocate for enhancing workplace happiness and wellness, and combines her storytelling ability with science-based tools and resources to advise leading organisations on how to optimise their mental health strategy to foster happier, high-performance teams.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Hearn is open and honest with audiences as she reflects upon her experiences navigating her own mental health setbacks — including years of struggle with an eating disorder which led to her spending eight months in an inpatient treatment centre. Dedicated to transforming the stigma and narrative associated with mental health and burnout in the workplace, she shares powerful tips for how leaders and their teams can optimise mental health and wellbeing at work and channel a positive mindset to thrive in challenging, fast-paced environments. By being vulnerable and able to relate to the obstacles others are facing in their everyday lives, Hearn empowers audience members to turn their biggest struggles into their biggest strengths.

Through her work, Hearn has helped organisations realise the moral and financial benefits of prioritising worker wellbeing, while arming them with proven strategies for retaining team members and creating cultures people want to be part of. Previously, Hearn was a BBC journalist and producer for close to two decades, collaborating with the network’s leading talent across platforms and establishing her reputation as a reporter with a penchant for securing exclusive stories.

Hearn is a believer that every story has the potential to change lives and empowers audiences to embrace the power within their own stories to spark change in their own lives, in their communities, and beyond.

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Turning Your Struggles into Strengths. In this keynote, renowned journalist and mental health advocate Laura Hearn speaks openly about her own experiences overcoming adversity — including eight months in an inpatient treatment centre healing from an eating disorder. As she reflects upon her own story, she shares the strategies that helped her turn her biggest struggles into her greatest strengths and how anyone can do the same. Hearn’s actionable advice for managing mental health focuses on embracing challenges, find opportunities for growth in adversity, and developing a resilient mindset that unlocks the potential within and enables success.   

From Headlines to Heartstring: Mastering Storytelling for Your Business. In this captivating keynote, Laura Hearn invites audiences on a riveting exploration into the transformative impact of storytelling on their businesses. Through her captivating anecdotes and practical insights gleaned from close to two decades as a BBC journalist, she demonstrates the art and science of crafting compelling brand narratives to foster authentic connections, and reveals how storytelling can transform communication, inspire action, and drive positive business outcomes.   

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