Poppy Jamie

Founder of Happy Not Perfect, Co-Founder of Pop & Suki, and Happiness Expert
  • Founder of award-winning app Happy Not Perfect – delivering products, services, & experiences to improve mental health
  • Became youngest TV host at ITN and host of E!, MTV, American Music Awards, & Snapchat's first talk show
  • Featured in major media outlets including Vogue, New York Times, Wired, and Forbes’ 30 under 30
  • Combines personal mindfulness journey with cutting edge science to help groups upgrade their headspace to be more curious, compassionate, and resilient

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Poppy Jamie is an entrepreneur, influencer, and rising star in the happiness, mental health, and mindfulness space. She is the founder of the mental wellbeing app and corresponding product line Happy Not Perfect — which looks at mindfulness in a new way to guide its 100,000 users to feel happier, calmer, and less anxious. A deeply personal project combining behavioral scientific research, inspiration from her mother, and real life-experience, Poppy created Happy Not Perfect to inspire and empower people to care about their brains and thoughts with the same vigilance they tend to their faces and bodies.

As organizations worldwide grapple with how to manage the growing mental health crisis, Poppy provides a clear path to overcoming uncertainty, fears of rejection, anxiety, and burnout to find peace with the past and create a happier, healthier future. In her signature warm and relatable speaking style, she empathetically combines her own personal struggle with perfectionism and life purpose with cutting edge science to help groups tackle today’s culture of anxiety and perfection and upgrade their headspace to be more curious, compassionate, and emotionally resilient. She is exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau.

The Happy Not Perfect app was born out of a clear need for a tool to deal with anxiety. A former television and social media host, after Poppy received hundreds of messages from viewers about their stress and anxiety, she decided to create something to help people better manage their mental wellbeing. Following four years of work with neuroscientists, researchers, and her neurotherapist mother, Poppy launched the award-winning Happy Not Perfect app to do just that — combining brain science and technology to change the way we look after our minds. In addition to the app, Poppy continues to share her wellness insights as host of the ”Unwind” podcast — which charted in the top ten for mental health in Europe — where she interviews world experts and thought leaders to share wisdom, advice, and teachings around the mind, body, and soul. She is also the author of the book Happy Not Perfect: Upgrade Your Mind, Challenge Your Thoughts, and Free Yourself from Anxiety.

While developing Happy Not Perfect, Poppy also co-founded the fashion accessories brand Pop & Suki with actress Suki Waterhouse. The company’s mission, along with selling bags, is to celebrate friendship and women working together. A TEDx speaker, Poppy was appointed as the youngest member of the Resnic Neuropychiatric Hospital Advisory Board at UCLA to help consult on the wellbeing of students. As a burgeoning mindfulness expert, she’s taken part at the first mental health talk series at Cambridge University, lectured at the UCLA Wow Summit on brain health, and led Happiness Workshops for thousands of top brands and organizations across the U.S. and UK. She is also a Global Goals advocate for the United Nations.

For her activist work in mental health, Poppy has been named one of Forbes’ ‘30 under 30,’ Glamour’s ‘Most Empowering Nu-Gen Activists You Need to Know,’ and W Magazine’s ‘Next Generation of Activists Making a Difference,’ among others. She was also honored with the “Points of Light Award,” handed to her by then Prime Minister Theresa May. In a personal letter to Poppy, May wrote, “Through ‘Happy Not Perfect’ you have created an innovative community to help people understand and manage their wellbeing. You should feel very proud of opening up conversations about this important issue.” Poppy’s unique insights have also been featured in major media news outlets including the New York Times, Wired, Fast Company, Refinery29, Forbes, Vogue, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, E!, NBC News, and MTV.

Poppy kicked off her career while studying at the London School of Economics when she became the youngest entertainment presenter at ITN, the UK’s largest TV news organization. After graduating, Poppy moved to Los Angeles to work with MTV, ITV2, and Extra, and later launched Pillow Talk with Poppy – Snapchat’s first talk show for an audience of more than 100 million viewers.

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Speaker Video

Poppy Jamie Showreel 2021

Poppy Jamie - The Art of Flexible Thinking

Addicted To Likes | Poppy Jamie | TEDxHollywood

Poppy Jamie Talks All About Mental Health And Her New App 'Happy Not Perfect'

Happy Not Perfect: The Power of Flexible Thinking. With the complex world comes a crushing wave of stress, anxiety, isolation, life change, and financial struggle to add to a growing mental health crisis. Due to a culture that encourages perfection, hustle, and fictional life/work balance, many are burning out. Behind her Instagram-projected image of “happy wellness founder,” Poppy Jamie was also struggling mightily with perfectionism and life purpose. In this talk, she blends her personal mental health journey with scientific research to share with audiences the practical tools to overcome our inner critic and rewire our minds. Using healthier thought habits and her Flexy Thoughts approach, Poppy demonstrates how to break patterns of avoidance, challenge fears of not being good enough, and turn failure around to become more confident, emotionally resilient, adaptable, and accepting for a happier, healthier future.

Upgrade Your Mind and Manifest Your Best Self. To be human, means you can manifest. Our ability to think of a solution and turn it into a reality is what has led our species’ survival in the face of extreme adversity. In this talk, Poppy will share how you can enhance the power of the brain, harness its natural ability to change, and create whatever you set your mind toward – even in the most challenging times. Using cutting edge neuroscience and mindfulness strategies, Poppy will teach groups the tools to become a magnificent manifester in all aspects of life, from business to personal, and create the future you want.

Happiness Workout: A Journaling & Meditation Experience. In this interactive experience, Poppy Jamie will dive into the strategies and science behind her award-winning app that has guided 100,000 users to feel happier, calmer, and less anxious. Using behavioral science research, she will teach groups the breathing strategies to effectively cope with stress and demonstrate why journaling is proven to improve our overall mental health. Audiences will walk away with tools to be more emotionally flexible, develop healthier mental health habits, and equipped to thrive in the modern world.

Addicted to Likes. Poppy Jamie is no stranger to the pressures and impact of social media. A self-confessed “social media junkie,” she even launched and hosted Snapchat’s first chat show, Pillow Talk with Poppy. In this presentation, Poppy outlines how society’s current tech obsession has completely altered the nature, quality, and quantity of our social interactions, and the link between the acceleration of social media usage and the rise in mental health problems today. Highlighting the harmful effect social media can have on our mental well-being and overall health, she’ll explore the question: How do we balance the stresses presented by the digital world and make our plugged-in lives better, less toxic, and healthier?

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