Melanie Subin

Futurist; Trends, Scenarios, & Strategic Foresight Leader; Managing Director, Future Today Institute
Melanie Subin Speaker
  • Leading futurist who taps into research-driven insights on emerging tech and trends to teach audiences how to think like a futurist and provide organizations with strategic foresight to innovate for success
  • Provides a customized look into the potential futures of a specific organization or industry and shares tools for navigating disruption and powering sustainable success
  • Contributing author of the annual Future Today Institute's Tech Trends Report, which is downloaded more than 1 million times every year and relied upon by global corporations, foreign governments, and international consulting firms to make strategic decisions

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A forward-thinking expert on the digital future and the possibilities new technology presents to reshape society and the ways businesses operate, Melanie Subin is a leading futurist who provides strategic foresight, insights development, corporate innovation and transformation strategies, and strategic management and design processes that help to position organizations in every industry for sustainable success. Subin currently serves as the managing director for the Future Today Institute, a foresight and strategy firm founded by world-renowned futurist Amy Webb that leverages research, signals, and trends to help businesses reduce uncertainty and prepare for plausible futures. Throughout her career, she has assessed the impact of major external forces, such as climate change, increased technological sophistication, changing consumer and business preferences, and rising connectivity on the risks and opportunities facing small, medium, and large businesses across the globe.  

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Subin is passionate about utilizing applied research and data to tackle the weirdest, hardest, most-complex problems facing our world. She fascinates audiences with her intriguing analysis of the tech and trends that will disrupt business, government, and society, while providing proven tools and frameworks for helping organizations understand today’s problems, navigate future risk, and home in on opportunities to be the authors of their preferred futures.  

Spearheading the Future Today Institute’s strategic foresight and future studies consulting to executive leadership teams worldwide, Subin draws on more than 15 years of operational marketing, research, and foresight experience at leading Fortune 1000 financial services companies to lead research on logistics, computing, cybersecurity, fintech, insurtech, and the metaverse. She also co-teaches strategic foresight courses through New York University’s Stern School of Business MBA program. Subin’s experience and expertise spans across a breadth of industries, including insurance, retail banking, and marketing. Previously, she was the senior director of emerging insights at Fortune 500 financial services company Travelers. Before that, she held various roles at what is now known as People’s United Bank (previously Rockville Bank), where she implemented the organization’s first social media practice.  

A widely respected voice on where the world is headed and how technology will get us there, Subin frequently shares her insights in some of the world’s top publications — including the New York Post, Fox Business News, and Axios — and is a sought-after guest on prominent tech and business podcasts. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Central Connecticut University and a FinTech Certification from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Melanie Subin: How to Think Like a Futurist

The Metaverse explained | NJ Business Beat

How to Think Like a Futurist. Today’s leaders are tasked with managing their teams and steering them toward their goals in this midst of unprecedented disruption, while simultaneously preparing their organizations for the possible futures of their industries. What strategies can leaders leverage to position their organizations for future success and navigate them in making their ideal futures a reality? In this talk, leading strategic foresight, and future studies management consultant Melanie Subin influences audiences to think like a futurist and introduces them to the concept of foresight, as well as its approaches and tools. As she walks audiences through its various phases, from signal identification to scenario planning, she provides a deeper understanding of how to implement foresight into their organizations in support of purpose, and more innovative and higher performing futures.

Three Potential Futures for Your Industry. What does the future of your industry look like? It’s a question that keeps leaders up at night as they prepare their organizations for what’s ahead. A widely respected trends, scenarios and strategic foresight leader, Melanie Subin spearheads extensive research initiatives into future tech and trends and extracts key data points and insights to help organizations make strategic decisions for how they will continue to adapt and evolve. In this captivating presentation, Subin presents an immersive view of three potential futures tailored for the industries and businesses relevant to the audience, weaving in present day signals and possible future outcomes to cast a vision for the possibilities in 2035. Subin will share the foresight methodologies used to create these scenarios, while providing experiential views of the future.

The Top Five Technologies You Need to Know. A futurist and strategic foresight consultant to top companies and organizations across various industries, Melanie Subin is a practitioner with leading-edge knowledge and insight into the technologies that will play a key role in the evolution of business and society. In this talk, she presents five emerging technology trends that have the potential to impact your industry in the next five-to-ten years, as well as the opportunities they present to innovate and dominate your field. This includes trends that are closely related and near-term, as well as more adjacent or tangentially related trends that stretch the thinking of the audience.  

Into the Metaverse. No conversation about the convergence of business and emerging tech is complete without mention of the metaverse – the immersive digital realm that will offer heightened capabilities for virtual reality experiences. But what does this all mean for businesses, and how can they leverage this new tech to connect with consumers and support their strategic objectives? In this compelling deep dive into the metaverse, futurist Melanie Subin provides a high-level overview of what the metaverse actually is, traces its origins, and breaks down its foundational technologies. The conversation advances into a deep exploration of the key impacts of the metaverse on your industry and business, with Subin also sharing valuable strategic considerations for your organization relevant to the changes the metaverse will bring.

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