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If you're looking for new ideas for speakers to create a buzz for your next event, the Leading Authorities team can connect you to highly rated names who share powerful stories, fresh perspectives, and valuable insights on today's hot topics, including leadership; inspiration; politics; tech; diversity equity, and inclusion; and more. Here's a list of incredibly talented speakers who are wowing audiences on the circuit. 

Katie Ledecky

Katie LedeckyOlympic Champion Swimmer; 10x Olympic Medalist, 19x World Champion, 14x World Record Breaker

Katie Ledecky is an undeniable "G.O.A.T." who shares how anyone in any field can adopt her "Take the Lead, Keep the Lead" mindset to develop a winner's mindset, swim past adversity, and achieve incredible goals.




amy webb

Amy WebbWorld-Renowned Futurist; Founder & CEO of the Future Today Institute and Professor, Strategic Foresight at New York University Stern School of Business

Amy Webb is recognized as one of Forbes' "Five Women Changing the World," she leads an extraordinary exploration into future trends and tech while providing tools and resources for organizations to manage the present while innovating for the future. 



coggins and brown

Colin Coggins and Garrett BrownMindset Advisors, Authors, USC Adjunct Professors of Entrepreneurship, & Founders of Agency18 

Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown are changing the way the world thinks about sales with a unique, mindset-driven approach that enables organizations to be revenue-forward while maintaining an authentic, socially- and self-aware, mission-driven culture.

Headshot of Speaker Eric Traupe

Eric Traupe, National Intelligence Leader; Former CIA Assistant Director

Serving for more than 30 years in leadership and command positions in the U.S. Intelligence Community and Marine Corps, Eric Traupe is a problem solver and innovator with expert-level experience and understanding of managing risk and leading through crisis. 

Chef Andrea Rush with arms crossed

Andre Rush, Celebrity Chef, Decorated U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Mental Health & Wellness Advocate, TV Host

Pulling audiences in with striking anecdotes of pivotal moments in his personal and professional lives, Chef Rush reveals a fresh perspective on how anyone can recognize when opportunities are in front of them and determine which ones will put them on the path to achieving their goals.

Dr. Sammy Ramsey in a suit with his arms crossed

Dr. Sammy Ramsey, Inspirational Changemaker in Science & Society; Cutting-Edge Communicator; Founder & Director of the Ramsey Research Foundation

Dr. Sammy Ramsey explains the vital role of clean and effective communication in matters of science and public health, and in any field, and offers practical lessons for how anyone can establish trust with their audience in their communications.

Speaker Deepa Purushothaman smiling in a white shirt

Deepa PurushothamanTranscendent Leader; First-Ever Indian American Woman Partner at Deloitte

Deepa helps audience members understand the actions they can take to realize their strengths, rethink the way things are, reimagine how organizations operate, and step into the future of leadership, while offering adaptable tactics for overcoming burnout, outdated norms, and the other challenges that stand in the way of individuals and their teams achieving their goals in the workplace.  

Carice Anderson

Carice AndersonImpact and Success Engineer; Workplace Development Advisor; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expert

Carice Anderson is a widely respected voice on today's realities in the workplace for individuals and organizations who provides research- and data-driven insights that power culture shifts and align collective and individuals goals to create mutually beneficial outcomes for all. 



wendy borlabi

Wendy BorlabiHigh-Performance Expert, Director of Performance and Mental Health for the Chicago Bulls

A Renowned performance psychologist who adapts the mindset-first approach she shares with elite performers, like professional athletes and Navy SEALs, to help organizations spark innovation and high performance for the long term. 




Cassi Chandler

Cassi ChandlerMotivational Leadership Expert, FBI’s First African American Female Special Agent Assistant Director 

Cassi Chandler is a captivating storyteller who shares thought-provoking lessons and draws from decades leading and reshaping complex teams in the U.S. government and financial industries to empower companies to go "all in" on diversity and build more inclusive cultures. 



Headshot of speaker Ashley Etienne in a black turtle neck with her arms crossed

Ashley Etienne, Powerhouse Political Communications Strategist; Advisor to Multiple U.S. Presidents and Elected Officials

Having worked side-by-side with America’s most powerful leaders, Etienne presents insights and ideas on politics, policy, and society from unexpected viewpoints, spurring audience members to reflect upon our shared beliefs and values. 

Speaker Michelle Cordeiro Grant sitting on a pink couch with one leg up and her arm resting on that leg

Michelle Cordeiro GrantEntrepreneurial Disruptor; Founder of Lively

Highlighting pivotal moments and challenges along the way, she shares essential lessons for how to build your business backwards in order to capitalize on opportunities, power innovation, adapt in challenging environments, and position organizations in any industry for success.   

ryan jenkins

Ryan JenkinsWall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Future of Work Expert, Advisor on Team Connection, Belonging, and Generational Dynamics

Ryan Jenkin addresses the root causes of workplace disconnection and shares top-ranked insights for leading and working across generations to build cohesive, multigenerational teams. 





Kath KoschelFounder, Kindness Factory and Resilience Expert

Kath Koschel uses her own inspirational story of overcoming incredible odds and unimaginable tragedy to share her unique approach to helping teams and individuals reframe their mindsets to be rooted in kindness, gratitude, and resilience.




daniel lippman

Daniel LippmanPOLITICO Reporter on the White House and Washington

Daniel Lippman reports directly from the source to provide ironclad facts and insights from inside the White House and Washington and shares an in-depth analysis of the issues shaping the future of American politics. 




Scott Mann

Scott MannU.S. Army Green Beret (Ret.), Pineapple Express Mission Leader, Rooftop Leadership Expert

Scott Mann is a riveting storyteller who connects game-changing strategies from combat to demonstrate how business leaders can surround their organizations with purpose and build high-trust cultures. 




Jonathan Martin smiling against white background

Jonathan Martin, Politics Bureau Chief and Senior Political Columnist, POLITICO

Tapping into his unparalleled historical knowledge and relationships on both sides of the aisle, Martin leads engaging conversations on the ins and outs of campaigns, government, politics, and policy, while sharing amusing anecdotes and firsthand accounts of goings-on behind the scenes of many of the most significant moments shaping the nation’s political landscape.

jonathan mayes

Jonathan MayesDEI Expert, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Albertsons Companies 

Jonathan Mayes challenges audiences to recognize reality of bias and shares valuable tools for creating more innovative, successful, diverse, and inclusive workplaces.




dom mullins

Dom MullinsGroundbreaking Adventurer, Part of the First All-Black Expedition to Summit Mount Everest, Sociologist

Dom Mullins draws from his action-packed experiences braving the world's most challenging mountain expeditions share proven strategies for teams and individuals to thrive in high-risk environments. 




meggie palmer

Meggie PalmerConfidence Expert; Entrepreneur; Founder & CEO, PepTalkHer

Meggie Palmer combines her entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for inclusion and equity to teach leaders of the world's top brands proven strategies for bridging equity and confidence gaps on the path to high performance and success. 




april ryan

April RyanLongest-Serving African American Female White House Correspondent in History, White House Correspondent for TheGrio, and CNN Political Analyst

April Ryan brings the often-overlooked dynamic of underrepresented groups front and center as she dissects the news of the day and provides impartial analysis on today's top political issues. 




beth sanner

Beth SannerPresidential Intelligence Briefer, Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration

Beth Sanner is an influential voice on national intelligence strategy and policy who has advised multiple U.S. presidents, she briefs audiences on the hot-button national and global intelligence matters and their potential to reshape our world. 




mykayla skinner

MyKayla SkinnerOlympic Silver Medal-Winning Gymnast

MyKayla Skinner shares an Olympian's perspective on performing at a championship-level in high-pressure situations, overcoming adversity, and charting your own path to achieving your goals. 




melanie subin

Melanie SubinFuturist; Trends, Scenarios, & Strategic Foresight Leader; Director of Consulting, Future Today Institute

Melanie Subin taps into research-driven insight so n the latest tech and trends to provide a customized look into the potential futures for specific organizations and industries and shares tools for navigating disruption.




Melissa Swift

Melissa SwiftU.S. Transformation Leader at Mercer and Future of Work Expert 

Melissa Swift has advised top companies on reshaping their organizations and shares proven strategies for transforming workplaces through a humanist lens. 






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