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If you're looking for new ideas for speakers to create a buzz for your next event, the Leading Authorities team can connect you to highly rated names who share powerful stories, fresh perspectives, and valuable insights on today's hot topics, including leadership; inspiration; politics; tech; diversity equity, and inclusion; and more. Here's a list of incredibly talented speakers who are wowing audiences on the circuit. 

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Choosing the Right Speaker for Your Event

Choosing the right speaker for an event is crucial as it can greatly impact the overall experience of the audience. A speaker who is a poor fit for the event can leave the attendees feeling unengaged, uninspired, and uninterested in the subject matter. On the other hand, a well-suited and skilled speaker can capture the audience's attention, is insightful, and leaves a lasting impression.

Before you aim to book speakers for your next event, consider crucial factors such as speaker expertise and experience, style and delivery, personality, and audience needs. The speaker you choose should have extensive knowledge and experience in the speaker topics that the event is focused on. They should also have a proven track record of delivering engaging and informative presentations that are relevant to the audience. Additionally, the speaker should be able to communicate effectively and connect with the audience while they deliver their message in a clear and concise manner that resonates with the attendees. It is also important to consider the audience's needs and expectations when selecting a speaker. The speaker should be able to address the specific concerns and interests of the audience. From delivering exceptional Ted Talks to hosting virtual keynotes, by selecting a speaker who is well-suited to the audience's needs, the event can deliver a more tailored and engaging experience.

What Makes a Good Guest Speaker?

The value of a good speaker cannot be overstated. Whether you’re looking to book conference speakers or leadership keynote speakers, the best guest speakers possess certain attributes that elevate their performance and add to their success on stage. Here is a list of the top qualities of an exceptional speaker:

  • Clarity – The best keynote speakers are able to convey their message clearly and effectively.
  • Authenticity – By being true to themselves and establishing a connection with their audience, the speakers deliver their message with authenticity and genuineness.
  • Engagement – Using stories, visuals, and modulation of tone, they captivate their audience by engaging, entertaining, and educating them while on stage.
  • Provide insight – They have fresh perspectives on topics relevant to the event to reinforce key themes and attract attendees.
  • Confidence – By exuding confidence and comfortability on stage, they establish trust and credibility with the audience.
  • Drive change – They provide their audience with actionable insights and motivational takeaways that inspire positive change after the event has concluded.

Leading Authorities Speakers to Look Out For


noelle russell


Noelle Russell, Global AI Solutions Lead at Accenture, Founder & Chief AI Officer at AI Leadership Institute

Noelle Russell is an AI leader and practitioner who empowers business leaders to embrace the opportunities AI offers for them to innovate and build stronger companies.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, she discussed the ways in which generative AI could boost the country’s economy by as much as $115 billion.

Dr. Michael Sorrell

Dr. Michael Sorrell, Visionary Leader, Institutional Change Agent, President of Paul Quinn College

A testament to the power of mission-driven leadership, he shows audience members how they can align their purpose to their path to success, both collectively and individually.  

lindsay shookus poses in green dress

Lindsay Shookus, Longtime Saturday Night Live Producer 

Shookus reflects on her 20-year career spent building trust with SNL cast members and celebrities to delve into the mindfulness behind the madness of nurturing trust and authentic relationships in a fast-paced environments.

Dr. Vin Gupta on stage

Dr. Vin Gupta, Tech Innovation Leader; Health Policy Expert; Chief Medical Officer, Amazon Pharmacy

As the leader spearheading the cutting-edge programs that make Amazon Pharmacy the standard-bearer for the future of healthcare, Dr. Vin Gupta shares proven insights for fostering cultures where innovation is the norm, as well as expertise for leading through change, disruption, and uncertainty.

sydney savion posing with her arms folded

Sydney Savion, Former Global Learning Futurist at Google, Transformational Leadership Expert

Sydney Savion is a purpose-driven corporate and military leader who helps other leaders understand how they can adapt their strategies based on shifts in the human and digital elements of work.

In this Training Industry article, she argues that creativity, which is linked to emotional intelligence (EI), is a unique human skill that AI lacks. She also encourages collaboration with generative AI to address learning and development challenges in the workplace.

Wendy Borlabi


Dr. Wendy Borlabi, High-Performance Expert, Director of Performance and Mental Health for the Chicago Bulls

From athletes to C-suite executives and Navy SEALS, Dr. Wendy Borlabi has spent her career leveraging science and psychology-based principles to transform individuals and their teams into elite performers, beginning with their mindsets. She draws from her daily work with the NBA’s Chicago Bulls to share mindset-shifting tools and behaviors anyone can apply to consistently perform at a championship level.


linda weissgold smiling for a headshot


Linda WeissgoldInfluential National Intelligence Leader, CIA Deputy Director for Analysis from 2020-2023

At the height of her career of close to four decades, Linda Weissgold served as the CIA's top analyst and was among an the most trusted advisors to our nation's leaders. In her talks, Weissgold, who was previously President George W. Bush's intelligence briefer, challenges audiences to look at the world through an intelligence lens as she talks them through the intricacies and challenges of the current geopolitical landscape, and why they matter to organizations. | Learn more about Linda Weissgold

Gina Ortiz Jones

Gina Ortiz Jones27th Under Secretary of the Air Force; Barrier-Breaking Public Servant and Military Leader

A military leader and veteran of the Intelligence Community, The Honorable Gina Ortiz Jones shares a clear and comprehensive overview of today's top issues in geopolitics, foreign policy, and the continued evolution of global dynamics. Her insights and anecdotes give audiences a deeper understanding of the policies that are shaping alliances, addressing conflicts, and advancing international relations. | Learn more about Gina Ortiz Jones.

samuel bertram picture rendered in black and white

Samuel Bertram, Pragmatic Futurist, Agricultural Entrepreneur, Global Changemaker

On a mission to stamp out world hunger and lead society into a more sustainable future, Samuel Bertram shares can’t-miss insights on how the environment is being impacted by everyday human activity. In doing so, he offers actionable takeaways for organizations looking to do good while doing well. 

Chef Andrea Rush with arms crossed

Andre Rush, Celebrity Chef, Decorated U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Mental Health & Wellness Advocate, TV Host

Pulling audiences in with striking anecdotes of pivotal moments in his personal and professional lives, Chef Rush reveals a fresh perspective on how anyone can recognize when opportunities are in front of them and determine which ones will put them on the path to achieving their goals.

Dr. Sammy Ramsey in a suit with his arms crossed

Dr. Sammy Ramsey, Inspirational Changemaker in Science & Society; Cutting-Edge Communicator; Founder & Director of the Ramsey Research Foundation

Dr. Sammy Ramsey explains the vital role of clean and effective communication in matters of science and public health, and in any field, and offers practical lessons for how anyone can establish trust with their audience in their communications.

mark bryan smiling, wearing glasses, a blazer, and collared shirt

Mark Bryan, Senior Foresight Manager, Future Today Institute

A sought-after advisor to the organizations on the trends that will reshape business and the world in the near- and long-term future, Mark Bryan unveils a blueprint for how organizations can harness sustainability as a competitive advantage. 

Speaker Deepa Purushothaman smiling in a white shirt

Deepa PurushothamanTranscendent Leader; First-Ever Indian American Woman Partner at Deloitte

Deepa helps audience members understand the actions they can take to realize their strengths, rethink the way things are, reimagine how organizations operate, and step into the future of leadership, while offering adaptable tactics for overcoming burnout, outdated norms, and the other challenges that stand in the way of individuals and their teams achieving their goals in the workplace.  

Carice Anderson

Carice AndersonImpact and Success Engineer; Workplace Development Advisor; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expert

Carice Anderson is a widely respected voice on today's realities in the workplace for individuals and organizations who provides research- and data-driven insights that power culture shifts and align collective and individuals goals to create mutually beneficial outcomes for all. 



Cassi Chandler

Cassi ChandlerMotivational Leadership Expert, FBI’s First African American Female Special Agent Assistant Director 

Cassi Chandler is a captivating storyteller who shares thought-provoking lessons and draws from decades leading and reshaping complex teams in the U.S. government and financial industries to empower companies to go "all in" on diversity and build more inclusive cultures. 



Speaker Michelle Cordeiro Grant sitting on a pink couch with one leg up and her arm resting on that leg

Michelle Cordeiro GrantEntrepreneurial Disruptor; Founder of Lively

Highlighting pivotal moments and challenges along the way, she shares essential lessons for how to build your business backwards in order to capitalize on opportunities, power innovation, adapt in challenging environments, and position organizations in any industry for success.   

sam jordan smiling


Samantha Jordan, Futurist; Consultant, the Future Today Institute

The Future Today Institute’s Samantha Jordan offers an optimist’s perspective on emerging trends and technologies, and how they can be purposefully integrated in support of an organization’s strategy and goals.

Ragan recently published insights from Jordan, which include her thoughts on the potential for AI and other emerging technologies to change the ways we communicate and work.






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