Nadia Bilchik

News Anchor & Communications Expert
Nadia Bilchik
  • Interviews celebrities such as George Clooney, Matt Damon and Nelson Mandela
  • Motivates others to own their space and become more self-confident
  • Producer for CNN’s Weekend Morning program

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Nadia Bilchik, President of Greater Impact Communication, is an internationally renowned television personality, communication and professional development training expert, author and keynote speaker.

Her uniquely dynamic, entertaining and substantive approach to communication skills training comes from her extensive experience in delivering keynote addresses to a broad range of audiences both in the USA and around the world, conducting professional development workshops and coaching business professionals, as well as interviewing high-profile figures, celebrities and corporate leaders from global organizations.

Nadia is the author of several books including her most recent, Own Your Space, A Woman’s Guide to Polish, Poise and Empowerment, as well as Small Changes: Big Impact, Maximizing Your Presence and Leveraging the Power of Your Personal Brand, The Little Book of Big Networking Ideas, and Life after College.

Nadia has anchored and hosted feature programs for CNN International, CNN Airport Network and MNet Television (South Africa) and reported for CNN Weekends.  In addition to her speaking and training business at Greater Impact, Nadia is Editorial Producer for CNN's Weekend Morning program.

As a sought after moderator and interviewer, she has hosted many events such as Ted Turner’s The Captain Planet Foundation and opened the SOS Children’s Village in Cape Town, South Africa with President Nelson Mandela.

Nadia received a Licentiate in Speech and Drama from Trinity College, London, and Bachelor of Arts degree majors in Drama and English from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

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Speaker Video

Nadia Bilchik - Do You Ever Get Nervous?

Nadia Bilchik CNN Reel

Unleash the Power of Your Personal Presence: Persuade, influence, inspire

Lighting the FIRE: Building trust & rapport in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world

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Ramplify: Ramp up and amplify your impact by rapidly adapting to change and developing resilience

What’s your Style? Decoding personality styles to bridge communication gaps



Leadership Presence:  Leading in a hybrid workplace presents unique challenges. Learn to engage with your employees to maximize engagement, productivity, and motivation.

Maximize Your Presentation Power: Ensure you are HEARD and maximize every opportunity to persuade, engage and inspire your audience.

Brand YOU: Maximize Your Presence & Leverage the Power of Your Personal Brand: Everything you say and do contributes to the way you are perceived. Learn tips, techniques, and a mindset to project the best version of yourself.

Own Your Network and Enhance DEI Trust: At the center of great teams we find real connection, empathy, and understanding. This program focuses on building relationships in an actionable ways.

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