Nadia Bilchik

News Anchor & Communications Expert
Nadia Bilchik
  • Interviews celebrities such as George Clooney, Matt Damon and Nelson Mandela
  • Motivates others to own their space and become more self-confident
  • Producer for CNN’s Weekend Morning program

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Nadia Bilchik, President of Greater Impact Communication, is an internationally renowned television personality, communication and professional development training expert, author and keynote speaker.

Her uniquely dynamic, entertaining and substantive approach to communication skills training comes from her extensive experience in delivering keynote addresses to a broad range of audiences both in the USA and around the world, conducting professional development workshops and coaching business professionals, as well as interviewing high-profile figures, celebrities and corporate leaders from global organizations.

Nadia is the author of several books including her most recent, Own Your Space, A Woman’s Guide to Polish, Poise and Empowerment, as well as Small Changes: Big Impact, Maximizing Your Presence and Leveraging the Power of Your Personal Brand, The Little Book of Big Networking Ideas, and Life after College.

Nadia has anchored and hosted feature programs for CNN International, CNN Airport Network and MNet Television (South Africa) and reported for CNN Weekends.  In addition to her speaking and training business at Greater Impact, Nadia is Editorial Producer for CNN's Weekend Morning program.

As a sought after moderator and interviewer, she has hosted many events such as Ted Turner’s The Captain Planet Foundation and opened the SOS Children’s Village in Cape Town, South Africa with President Nelson Mandela.

Nadia received a Licentiate in Speech and Drama from Trinity College, London, and Bachelor of Arts degree majors in Drama and English from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

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Speaker Video

Do You Ever Get Nervous?

Nadia Bilchik CNN Reel

MAXIMIZE YOUR VIRTUAL IMPACT Elevate your presence to communicate, collaborate and lead remotely. In this uncertain environment, the ability to connect and build rapport remotely has become paramount to the success of a team. The more Nadia facilitates this program, the more she sees the need for individuals to learn to adapt and manage their virtual environments. This pertains to everything from virtual on-boarding to leading and participating in virtual settings, particularly when managing in a results-based environment. Giving employees both the mindset and skill set to make the most of the virtual workplace is essential.

Overview: This program is designed to immerse employees in learning about their virtual presence and incorporate these concepts into their team culture. The goal is also to create awareness of what virtual presence is and how to connect with diverse co-workers on a deeper level. This will assist you in achieving the goal of creating a synergetic virtual work environment. Participants will learn new ways of collaborating and, where applicable, leading their virtual teams to higher levels of engagement and productivity.

  • Develop confidence in leveraging your virtual presence & presentation skills in a remote work environment
  • Establish rules of engagement to lead and participate effectively in virtual environments
  • Determine ways to tailor your communication style to build trust and bring out the best in each other
  • Foster relationships with colleagues who live and work in different locations both nationally and internationally
  • Formulate new relationships with team members who you may not have met in person

Outcome: As a result of this program, participants will be able to amplify their virtual presence and create an action plan to capitalize on online collaboration tool functions to maximize their interactions in an increasingly virtual world maximize virtual presence, build online rapport and optimize team leadership.

OWN YOUR SPACE. In this highly engaging keynote, Nadia will provide tips and techniques that will inspire you to always come across as the most confident, persuasive, polished and powerful version of yourself, particularly in stressful and high stakes situations.                                                                                                    

LIGHT THE F.I.R.E. Let’s face it – we spend the majority of our time at work.  Nurturing your existing network, as well as building new relationships in a strategic and mutually beneficial manner is critical to creating a positive work environment, accelerating execution and attracting new business. In this energizing keynote, Nadia will explore the 4 key factors necessary for developing solid, long-term relationships and building rapport every time you communicate.

UNLEASH THE POWER OF YOUR PERSONAL PRESENCE. Do you constantly and consistently come across as the best version of yourself?  Are you aware of your strengths as well as the qualities that can inadvertently sabotage you? In this interactive and highly engaging keynote, we examine the verbal and non-verbal qualities that will enhance your ability to leverage the power of your personal brand.

ELEVATE YOUR PERSONAL PRESENCE FOR A WINNING EDGE. We’ve all witnessed a moment when an individual walks in, and commands a room.  Presence is intangible and elusive; it’s a combination of confidence, authenticity and being socially aware of others.  And, every communication is an opportunity to create an impression – possessing presence can make or break professional success.  

In this compelling keynote, participants will become more aware of what enhances their presence, what inadvertently sabotages their success, as well as learn techniques for quickly assessing others, and how to project the very best version of themselves.

KICK YOUR RELATIONSHIPS UP A NOTChH. It’s a highly competitive world, and building relationships through the use of interpersonal skills is critical to cultivating existing business, and attracting new business. This highly motivational keynote is designed to inspire self-confidence and introduce strategies for enhancing career relationships. Participants will learn proven ways to improve professional and personal relationships by creating opportunities to learn from others, discover unexplored options, and how to relate to others in the most appealing way.

CROSS-CULTURAL NETWORKING IN A DIVERSE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. Today, we live in a global marketplace – interacting daily with different cultures and languages is now the norm. Diversity will continue to influence and shape the future across all industries by becoming a part of the business strategy, and providing creative and new solutions to challenging problems.  In this transformational keynote, participants will gain their own unique perspective on the importance of diversity, and learn networking skills that are critical to creating an environment that drives innovation and growth, and explore suggested strategies for your company to maximize multi-cultural perspectives.

A PERFECT PITCH THAT WILL GET YOU THROUGH THE DOOR. As a CNN Editorial Producer, Nadia will share her insider media knowledge to help you define what it takes to position your expertise and deliver it in a way that will get you through the door, allowing you to create and maximize opportunities. Participants will leave this session equipped with tools and techniques on how to target ideal media outlets, craft a powerful media pitch, prepare for a media appearance using the F.I.R.E. approach, and maximize exposure on TV.

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