DNI Jim Clapper: New Book Coming in May


James Clapper FactsOn May 22nd, top-booked geopolitics and cyber-security speaker Jim Clapper will release his first book, Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence.

Formerly the highest-ranking intelligence officer in the US, Clapper led the intelligence community through a time that saw rising tensions around the world and election meddling here at home.

His book is highly anticipated and will be full of stories and insights that will likely get quite a bit of press.

Director Clapper has been a top-selling speaker since leaving office in January 2017 because of his high-level experience and his ability to connect with audiences.

He shares his Presidential-level perspective on pressing domestic and international issues while also peppering his talk with personal anecdotes—both heart-racing and humorous. He is a master at balancing hard-hitting conversation with levity and engaged Q&A. 

To learn more about Director Clapper, or to brainstorm ways to fit him into your program this year, give us a call or chat with us now. 

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