Don't Take My Word for It... Fortune's "Top 5 Best Business Books"

Business book covers

We have some of the best business experts on the speaking circuit today. If you don’t believe me, ask Fortune, who picked books by Salim Ismail and Gen. Stanley McChystal to be on their “5 Best Business Books” list.

Salim Ismail is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations, a sought-after technology strategist, and future trends expert with ties to Yahoo!, Google, and Singularity University. He shares the characteristics key to scaling businesses 10 times faster than the competition and shares jaw-dropping future trends that captivate audiences.  His presentations have been called “mind-blowing” and “the best talk I think I’ve ever heard.” Watch Salim talk about future trends and growth here.

Wired magazine said, “hearing McChrystal talk about leadership is like hearing Steve Jobs talk about innovation or Henry Ford talk about productivity.” The four-star general and former leader of Joint Special Operations command (which oversees the most sensitive counter-terrorism units) outlines how modern warfare and business demand the same no-nonsense leadership to drive change. General Stan McChrystal shares lessons based on leading and innovating one of the world’s largest organizations and shares real-life stories that reveal the power of culture, communication, and relationships. Watch speaking footage of his “Team of Teams” talk here.

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