Erik Weihenmayer on PBS: Leading a No Barriers Life from Mt. Everest and Beyond


World-class blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer recently appeared on PBS' To Dine for with Kate Sullivan, sitting down at his favorite restaurant in Golden, Colorado, Sherpa House, to discuss his journey to climbing Mount Everest and beyond. Over delicious Nepalese food, Erik recounts how blindness has challenged and inspired him to overcome adversity and lead a 'No Barriers' life.

As a teenager, Erik’s father kept him engaged in activity—from riding tandem bikes to canoeing. This is where Erik discovered his love of hiking, where everything about the noise and adventure of the activity enthralled him.

Erik explained how initially when asked if he wanted to climb the seven summits, he spent a lot of time talking himself out of it. Telling himself that he should dream big while also questioning if he was crazy. After years of indecision, a chance encounter led Erik to jump in and say yes to successfully hiking and summiting Mt. Everest.

He credits a big part of his journey in overcoming adversity to the amazing team that surrounds him. With their support, Erik was confident in taking on risk after risk.

After reaching the Summit, Erik realized how far he had come. But he decided he wouldn’t let this accomplishment be the greatest thing he did. He would continue to grow, to explore new places, and to do good. A non-profit entitled No Barriers was his answer to this challenge. Erik shares how he launched No Barriers to encourage physically or mentally disabled people to use optimism and grit to overcome their obstacles.

Watch the full episode here:


Over the years, Erik has learned to find the beauty in what surrounds him through sound and touch. Every time he stands in front of a crowd, he is dedicated to bringing this beauty to audiences around the world. As a keynote speaker, Erik makes his very unique story relatable for all, defining how each person in the audience can live a “No Barriers Life.” He encourages us to all pursue a life that matters by turning into the storm, converting challenges into greatness, and reaching for nearly impossible goals.




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