Evy Poumpouras, Secret Service Special Agent & Interrogator

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Former Secret Service Special Agent and Interrogator, Evy Poumpouras is now exclusively represented by Leading Authorities.

Throughout her fascinating career, Poumpouras safeguarded U.S. presidents, led complex criminal investigations, worked undercover, and became a master of communication and psychology. The best-selling author of Becoming Bulletproof: Protect Yourself, Read People, Influence Situations, Live Fearlessly, an adjunct professor, and the host of Bravo TV’s competition series “Spy Games,” Poumpouras is described as the “epitome of a badass” and is a great fit for any group looking for new approaches to leading fearlessly.

Bulletproof Strategies for Leadership & Success

On stage, Poumpouras recounts her thrilling experiences, which involved working undercover and outwitting criminals. Her stories are not only action-packed, but they also contain leadership principles that may surprise you. By emphasizing concepts such as active listening, communication, competence, and warmth, she brings often-overlooked "soft" leadership skills to the forefront. Drawing on her own experiences, Poumpouras provides real-life examples of how these skills can help leaders exert influence and create change on the road to success. With her infectious positivity, Poumpouras captivates her audience with unique insights and gripping anecdotes, while sharing bulletproof strategies for success. Poumpouras has spoken worldwide in front of many of the world’s top organizations, including NASDAQ, McKesson, United Technologies, Wells Fargo, and Corcoran Group

On Stage and in the Media

Poumpouras has drawn millions of views through her TEDx talk on “Words: Your Most Powerful Weapon” and frequent media appearances. Check out some of her high-profile media appearances below: 

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  • Newsweek: A Former Secret Service Agent's View of the Alleged Trump Tantrum
  • MSNBC: How this former Secret Service agent learned you don't always need respect
  • CNET: Former Secret Service agent Evy Poumpouras explains Becoming Bulletproof

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