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Former BBC Europe Editor On Brexit & US Election

by Maddie Donnelly
BBC Television Journalist and Keynote Speaker

One of the BBC’s most distinguished television journalists, Gavin Hewitt is acclaimed for his knowledge and expertise, most particularly on the future of Europe.

As the BBC's former Europe Editor, Gavin is a leading commentator on the consequences of Brexit and the future of the euro. He offers detailed, first-hand insight into Brussels politics as well as the economic and geopolitical challenges facing Europe.

Gavin also has a background in North American politics and has reported from most of the US election campaigns over the past twenty years. He will also be covering Trump v Clinton from the US ahead of the vote. 

And he is an excellent speaker. Years of reporting and analysing stories from home and abroad have honed Gavin's skills of imparting key information in a lively and engaging manner.

If you’d like to enquire about Gavin’s fees and availability, please fill out the form below.

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