The Four Faces of Leadership: Business Leadership

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Leadership takes many forms:

Which kind of leadership insights are you looking for at your next meeting or event? Leading Authorities represents experts in all four fields.

Below is a list of Business Leadership Speakers (Turnaround Story, Culture, Change, Innovation).

Presidents and CEOs
Gordon Bethune is the former CEO of Continental Airlines and the author of From Worst to First. He led a turnaround at the airline which led Fortune magazine to name it its No. 1 “Most Admired Global Airline” and Businessweek to name Bethune one of its “Top 25 Global Managers.” He chronicles how he led Continental Airlines, a major carrier that consistently ranked last in every measurable airline performance metric, to the top of the airline industry.

Jim Donald is the former CEO of Starbucks and Haggen Food & Pharmacy and the current CEO of Extended Stay Hotels. Named one of the “Top 25 CEOs in the World,” he shares his proven leadership tenets that can empower frontline employees to change their organizations for the better, driving sales and delivering profits. It starts with understanding what people are thinking, the best ways to motivate them, and how to deliver your message in small but meaningful doses.

Seth Goldman is the CEO of Honest Tea and a best-selling author. He looks at what it means to be a mission-driven innovator and how values-based leadership, passion, and sound economic theory combine to create a culture that is constantly asking, “What is the next step?” He offers a wealth of insights about the challenges and hurdles of creating and managing a successful business – and the importance of perseverance and creative problem-solving.

David Pottruck is a repeat best-selling author and the former CEO of Charles Schwab. He shares stories and offers a nine-step plan for leaders looking to inspire lasting change. With wide-ranging expertise and material from his award-winning programs at Wharton, he shows audiences how to turn changes into opportunities that create competitive advantage, including why change is so hard and how to inspire, rather than motivate, those at your organization.

Doug Rauch is the former president of Trader Joe’s. He helped grow the company from a 7/11 knockoff to the hottest retailer in America. He is a leader in the conscious capitalism movement and shares stories and case studies about how businesses need to focus on their purpose and leave profit as a result – not a goal. Rauch offers a bold defense of capitalism and a blueprint for a new system of leadership and doing business grounded in a more evolved ethical consciousness.

Clara Shih is the CEO of Hearsay Social, a board member for Apple and Starbucks, and the author of best-selling The Facebook Era, which is now used as a marketing textbook at Harvard Business School. She shares insights on how the world’s top companies build stronger customer relationships, grow revenue, and bolster their brands across social networks. She looks at digital marketing and staying relevant in the digital age and offers ways organizations can leverage and lead innovation.

Jim Skinner is the former CEO of McDonald’s who brought about a “Golden Age for the Golden Arches,” according to Fortune. He set three top priorities for his leadership: long-term sustainable growth, talent management, and leadership development. He shares the leadership principles and strategies that helped him turn McDonald’s around, like keeping your brand modern, the importance of a robust consumer insights strategy, innovation, having a leadership pipeline, and execution.

Business Authors
Michael Abrashoff is a former Naval commander and the author of It’s Your Ship. He turned around an underperforming ship to extraordinary results, and he shares the leadership principles that created a high performance culture and empowered his crew to take charge and use ingenuity and initiative to improve every aspect of the way things were done.  His presentation leaves audiences with the tools and inspiration to lead differently and elevate organizational performance to new levels.

Ori Brafman is the New York Times best-selling author of The Chaos Imperative and The Starfish and the Spider. Every two-star U.S. general and above goes through his training program. He shows leaders how to bring knowledge in from the edge of their networks and examines what happens when decision making goes wrong. He couples engaging stories with groundbreaking research in a discussion of the influences that skew our decision-making and cause us to veer from reason.

Peter Sheahan is a world renowned speaker on business trends and new market opportunities and the international best-selling author of Fl!p, Generation Y, and Making It Happen. He shows leaders how to think about problems differently so they can turn challenges into opportunities and change into competitive advantage. Using industry-specific examples, and an energetic stage presence, Sheahan challenges his audience to think differently to create mind-blowing success.

Amy Wilkinson is the author of The Creator’s Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs. She was the first to develop a comprehensive theory that explains how upstarts gain traction, and her career spans the White House, Harvard, McKinsey, and J.P. Morgan. She shares six essential skills for leaders who want to inject an entrepreneurial thought process into their businesses, jump-starting innovation and creating a culture that identifies and seizes opportunities.

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