Ken Schmidt: Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

Last week, top-selling speaker and legendary former Harley-Davidson communications executive Ken Schmidt keynoted a major conference where he talked about:

  • How Harley-Davidson went from near-bankruptcy to booming success and sold-out product lines
  • Creating “positive social energy” that translated into passion for Harley motorcycles and “tattoo-worthy” branding
  • Why reputation can be your strongest competitive advantage and you must view employees and clients as “brand ambassadors”

You can read more about that event in Yahoo Finance. Ken’s a master storyteller who shares insight on creating disciples for your brand by competing with weapons stronger than price. He knows that “brand isn’t what you say about yourself—it’s what other people say about you.” Ken is hilarious, high-energy, and thought-provoking, customizing each speech to the audience at hand. 

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