Leadership Legend General Stanley McChrystal

Top-selling speaker, General Stanley McChrystal, is a leader for the ages. According to Wired magazine, hearing him talk about leadership is “like hearing Steve Jobs talk about innovation or Henry Ford talk about productivity.”

So what does he have to say about leading in uncertain or trying times?

General McChrystal, who is the former Commander of US and International Forces in Afghanistan, believes:

  • Whether or not your team succeeds has little to do with their collective intelligence and everything to do with the connections between them
  • Specific items including “engagement” and “exploration” levels contribute to an organization’s ability to adapt to shifting pressures
  • Sharing information and creating strong horizontal relationships improves the effectiveness of everything from businesses to governments to cities

In keynote presentations General McChrystal talks powerfully about “creating the right environment” of transparency for your people to understand their strategic goals and then execute against them. In this Fast Company article, for instance, he explains why adaptability trumps hierarchy when it comes to leadership, and urges you to forget everything you ever knew about your company’s org chart—and that’s an order.

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