Leadership Lessons from Navy SEAL & Schwarzenegger


Last week, former Navy SEAL, leadership and performance expert, and New York Times best-selling author Chris Fussell spent two hours at a small discussion with the Schwarzenegger Institute to talk about his new book, One Mission, and the core tenets of building a “team of teams.”

At the roundtable event, they talked about:

  • Why bureaucratic models from the 20th century no longer work in the information age
  • How to create better stability and speed in your organization through a communications model based on inclusion and transparency
  • How to balance short-term priorities with long-term strategic goals (because of a question the Terminator asked himself!)
  • Fussell’s incredible experience serving as Gen. Stan McChrystal’s right hand man

The event was a major success that brought together a dozen successful and established executives with Chris. If you want to hear more about Chris’s speech for the former Governor and his team, read this blog he published about the experience on LinkedIn.

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