New Exclusive Speaker: Cyber Security FBI Agent

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New exclusive speaker Chris Tarbell is one of the most successful cyber security law enforcement officials of all time – so successful, in fact, that books and movies are being made about his legendary career. Dubbed “the Eliot Ness of online crime” by Newsweek, the former FBI special agent is the man responsible for infiltrating hacker group Anonymous and taking down the notorious dark web drug trafficking site the Silk Road.

In an environment where an open computer receives more than 42,000 hits trying to hack it within 13 minutes, how do you protect your assets? Don’t be the low-hanging fruit and be aware of insider threats – two of Chris’s practical tips shared through hair-raising stories that can help organizations navigate the complex cyber world.

Chris is a natural storyteller, charismatic, and hilarious. He says there are two types of companies out there – those who have been hacked and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked. With 17 years in law enforcement and extremely rare insight into the mindset of the hacker community (he spent nine months living and working with one of the most notorious and influential hackers in the world), his is the preeminent voice on cyber security in the nation.

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