New Show! Outthinkers with Kaihan Krippendorff

Professional headshot of Kaihan Krippendorff

Best-selling business author Kaihan Krippendorff’s new show Outthinkers with Kaihan Krippendorff just aired its first episode on the Whatever It Takes network. It looks at how people are not motivated by logic or products but rather narratives that tell the emotional stories behind a business and resonate with who they are (or want to be).

What’s the story behind your innovation? Why was it important to you? How did you get here, and where are you going? Kaihan explores how to break down the barrier between facts and emotion in order to spin a winning narrative and win passionate support for a cause.

He offers tangible tools for making your brand, business, or career something that people are emotionally invested in and feel a part of, which makes wanting to help you succeed and spreading the word part of their DNA.

Krippendorff believes that the best narratives are simple, emotional, and true stories that speak to your challenge, address your audience, and offer a resolution. However, they cannot be developed on the fly. If you haven’t developed yourself as the right messenger, the narrative will never resonate – which is why many short term media campaigns fall short.

Kaihan Krippendorff is the author of Outthink the Competition, a popular Fast Company blogger, and a renowned business strategist. He is available for both keynote presentations and breakout sessions. Submit the form below to check his fees or availability.

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