Top-Booked Cartoonist and Comedian

In these polarized political times, We're very aware that our clients are concerned about the message their speakers are offering. Kevin Kallaugher is no stranger to navigating the minefield of contemporary politics—he’s been doing it for 30 years.
As editorial cartoonist for The Economist, Kal has created a successful new way to address politics in the Era of Trump, talking and drawing cartoons simultaneously in “illustrated presentations” that are both fun and balanced. 
When it’s time in his show to talk about recent events, he gives a little cartoon history lesson and, over a series of a dozen plus cartoons, offers a hilarious comparison between the first year of the first Bill Clinton Administration (where he too had a 35% approval rating) and the current struggles of the Trump administration. He intersperses Clinton foible’s with Trumpian endeavors, and finds a way to talk to both sides without alienating anyone.
Donald Trump Cartoon by Kal Kallaugher
Reactions to Kal’s new talk have been universally positive. One recent client booked Kal for a luncheon and said that he was “very personable, easy to work with, and my attendees enjoyed staying to speak with him after the presentation.”
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