Chris Tarbell & Hector Monsegur

Cyber Security Experts
Chris Tarbell & Hector Monsegur
  • Former adversaries, Tarbell worked in the FBI’s preeminent cyber crime squad while Monsegur led the Anonymous/LulzSec hacking collective
  • Worked together to prevent more than 350 cyberattacks against US government computer systems
  • Provide audiences with the most pressing cyber threats and practical ideas for securing their data

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What happens when you combine the perspective and experience of one of the most successful cyber security law enforcement officials of all time with the true stories and insights of the former mastermind behind one of the most highly-skilled hacking networks the world has ever seen? With experience on both sides of the cyber security equation—Chris Tarbell, as a former law enforcement official and Hector Monsegur, a former "black hat hacker" affiliated with the Anonymous/LulzSec collective—Monsegur and Tarbell deliver one of the most heart-pounding and informative presentations on the lecture circuit today.

Together they provide audiences the most complete picture of the cyber threats and responses organizations around the globe need to know about now—while entertaining audiences with the true stories of their backgrounds and their fateful meeting in 2011. They discuss how their working relationship and friendship has evolved and the work they have done together to prevent hacks. Now both cyber security researchers who assist companies in securing precious data, Monsegur and Tarbell share the priceless knowledge that has come out of their unlikely collaboration. Most importantly, this eye-opening and entertaining pair helps audiences understand the actions they must take now to protect themselves against vulnerabilities.

Hector Monsegur is an internationally-recognized expert on global cyber security issues and a leading voice on cyber attacks and cyber warfare. As Director of Assessment Services at Rhino Security Labs, Monsegur works to secure clients in technology, healthcare, finance, government, and other industries. In his leadership role, his unmatched technical experience is shared to both educate other operators and guide technical research. Formerly known by his online alias “Sabu,” Monsegur was once the technical expert behind the Anonymous/LulzSec hacker collectives. As a "black hat hacker", he highlighted critical vulnerabilities in numerous organizations, including governments, military organizations, and cyber security firms. Later, in working with the US Government, Monsegur identified key vulnerabilities—and potential attacks—against major federal infrastructure, including the US military and NASA. Since working with US government and commercial security executives around the world, he has helped prevent upwards of 350 cyber attacks against US government computer systems.

Chris Tarbell is a former FBI special agent and current Director of Cyber Security and Investigations at Berkeley Research Group. Tarbell has been called one of the most successful cyber security law enforcement officials of all time. He is the man responsible for infiltrating the hacker group Anonymous and taking down the notorious dark web drug trafficking site Silk Road, called “the most sophisticated and extensive criminal marketplace on the Internet.” He led the tracking and arrest of two of the most infamous figures in cyber space: Sabu, who was at one point the most influential hacker in the world, and Dread Pirate Roberts, who was later convicted for his involvement with Silk Road. With 17 years in law enforcement–including time in the FBI’s preeminent cyber crime squad–and extremely rare insight into the minds of the hacker community, Tarbell is one of the nation’s preeminent voices on cyber security, and the man that gives even the most notorious cyber criminals nightmares.

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Coordinated Attack: Fighting Back Against Cyber Security Threats.
At one time, Hector Monsegur and Chris Tarbell were adversaries, working on opposite sides of the online machine—Monsegur as a “black hat hacker” and Tarbell as an FBI agent specializing in cyber crimes. Today, they share the incredible true story of how their world’s collided in 2011 and how, over many years, a working relationship evolved into an unlikely friendship. Weaving their personal stories seamlessly and tracing their relationship through major cyber security events of the 21st century, they take audiences into parts of the internet that are typically hidden from everyone except hackers and law enforcement. Illuminating the methods and motivations of bad actors and what organizations must do now to get ahead of them, Monsegur and Tarbell simultaneously amaze, frighten, and educate audiences on the real threats that exist and how to fight back.

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