Felipe Gomez

Devout Pianist, Renowned Peak Performance and Entrepreneurial Mindset Expert
Felipe Gomez Speaker
  • Combines his extensive global management experience, unique storytelling skills, and use of music as a metaphor for life to engage audiences
  • Has performed over 1,000 times in 23 different countries for a plethora of audience types
  • Provides a valuable global perspective due to his Hispanic roots and MBA from the Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland

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With more than 1,000 performances in 23 countries, Felipe has dazzled audiences at corporate events, association conventions, and global leadership conferences. His bold ideas, flawless delivery, and thought-provoking sessions consistently bring audiences to their feet in spirited standing ovations. He is the author of the best-selling book, Attitude-E: The Method for Being Entrepreneurial and Fulfilling Your Dreams. He also hosts Thinking Out Loud,a weekly interview program with global thinkers.

Make your event memorable by booking Felipe Gomez. His renowned success as a speaker is built on extensive global management experience, unique storytelling skills, and the use of music as a metaphor for life with help from a grand piano on stage. Felipe is a frequent speaker at some of the worlds most prestigious management and leadership conferences such as WOBI Management Week and the World Business Forum in New York, Madrid, Milan, and Mexico City. He speaks at more than 70 events per year, delivering consistent and bold keynotes both in person and virtually. His Hispanic roots bring a global perspective to his presentations and valuable diversity to your event. He holds an MBA from the Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland.


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Virtuoso in Action

Attitude E

Virtuoso: A music-filled journey through the mind, body, and soul of leadership.

Combining his management acumen and a lifelong passion for music, Felipe inspires audiences with an entertaining and memorable learning experience. Discussing the tools and ideas for becoming a virtuoso, and illustrating it all with help from an on-stage grand piano, Felipe inspires audiences to consistently aim for excellence, create meaningful and long lasting connections, and build effective cultures of innovation.


  • Incorporate the three drivers of virtuosity – Method, Attitude, and Passion – into your life
  • Discover and develop the virtues that will help teams excel and reach peak performance
  • Energize teams by developing a culture of virtuosity
  • Create a strong sense of unity and belonging


Attitude E: A moving discovery of the 6 levers that will help us think and act in a more entrepreneurial way.

Attitude-E is a powerful framework that awakens entrepreneurial mindsets in individuals, teams, and organizations. Throughout the talk, Felipe explores the six fundamental attributes to build and sustain an entrepreneurial attitude: Envision, Energy, Endurance, Ensemble, Elasticity, and Engagement.


  • Learn how to apply the Attitude-E framework
  • Inspire and motivate teams to reach their highest potential
  • Create the collective will for teams to think and behave differently

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