Frank Gardner

BBC’s Fulltime Security Correspondent and Author
Frank Gardner
  • Frank Gardner is dedicated to the story and exudes his dedication to the audience time and time again.
  • Growing up with diplomatic parents and as a lover of language, Frank was drawn to the mystique of the Middle East and the desert.
  • Returning to the BBC 11 years after being shot by extremists, Frank delivers a passionate talk about today’s security issues with deep insights.

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Frank spent nine years as an investment banker in New York, London, and Bahrain before switching to journalism and joining the BBC in 1995. Frank has reported extensively on the global ‘War on Terror’ in Guantanamo Bay, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East. 

In 2004 Frank survived being shot six times at close range by Al-Qaeda terrorists in a Riyadh suburb in Saudia Arabia. He went on to write the bestselling book Blood and Sand, the poignant story of what can happen to your belief system when the culture you have embraced ends up trying to kill you. He was awarded an OBE in 2005 for services to journalism.

His personal story of survival combined with his extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern history and politics make for a compelling event. As a career broadcaster and a witty and gifted communicator, Frank shares his passion for the Middle East, travel, and adventure. He draws on a unique perspective and understanding of both domestic and international security.

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