Freddie Ravel

Grammy-Nominated Performer, Communication Expert and Business Visionary

Speaker Freddie Ravel
  • Has collaborated with Madonna, Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, Carlos Santana, Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Kimmel, and Lady Gaga
  • Referred to by clients as “The ideal balance of entertainment and content”
  • Reveals how the structure of music enhances leadership, innovation, and productivity for entrepreneurs to major corporations alike

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Freddie Ravel is the Grammy-nominated Keynote Maestro who combines his expertise for business breakthroughs and virtuoso piano performances with a clear and concise application of music’s communicative and scientific powers to inspire, ignite, and lift the minds, hearts, and potential of audiences around the world.

Backed by number one hits and collaborative successes with Madonna, Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, and Carlos Santana to leading the teams of J Lo, Jimmy Kimmel, and Lady Gaga, the #1 charting keyboard artist and composer is the Founder of “scOre," a worldwide program that delivers customized peak performance experiences to reveal how the structure of music enhances leadership, innovation, and productivity for entrepreneurs to major corporations alike.

Dubbed the “Keynote Maestro” by the City of Los Angeles, Ravel received the city’s Award of Recognition for creating a music based system to “renew the national and international economy” while his film, television, radio, and recording credits include CBS, FOX, CW, Universal, iHeart, and XM Sirius.

Straddling sectors across media, tech, healthcare and wellness, diversity and inclusion, communications, social impact, and financial services, clients refer to him as “The ideal balance of Entertainment and Content”.

These include IBM, Toyota, Red Bull, NASA, Apple, Blue Cross, Google, and Citi where he continues to serve as a captivating access point through which to transform corporations, education, entertainment, and the human condition.

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Freddie Ravel, Keynote Maestro

Getting in Tune With ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

As we enter this decisive decade, the urgency for companies to move toward the issues of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is greater than ever. However, many organizations either don’t acknowledge the need nor have a clear approach to help guide them, leaving them out of sync and out of tune with their employees, colleagues and customers. ESG is often viewed as just sustainability and investments, but it’s much more than that – and includes a host of areas ranging from workforce diversity and inclusion to better treatment of workers. So how to get to good governance? First, it’s important to listen – a vital skill top musicians and business leaders share. In this revealing and high-energy presentation, Ravel unlocks the secrets to this keystone of all communication, helping your audience understand the unique parallels between music and business while gaining the ability to cut through the noise and achieve clarity. This fun, interactive experience will help leaders understand what disruption really sounds like, and then reveal fresh techniques to overcome adversity and get in harmony with the new corporate social responsibilities.

  • How to get from Good Governance to GREAT Governance.

  • What Disruption sounds like and more importantly, how to resolve it.

  • Why symphonic sustainability replaces superficial sustainability.

The Rhythm of Success. The Rhythm of Success is a one-of-a-kind program designed to challenge and inspire organizations to discover their untapped potential. The format is fast-paced, entertaining, and as the secrets of the world’s undisputed international language of music are revealed, full of surprises. No matter what kind of organization—from small companies to large corporations—employees at all levels will tune up to a better future by becoming more collaborative, productive and ultimately, more profitable. This multimedia “keynote concert” experience is sure to open or close your meeting on a dynamic high note.

The Music of Leadership. This presentation takes your audience on a deep dive into the role of "melody" within music and its’ power as the central message to bring life to your products and services. When leaders "sing" a better future, inspiration resonates across the entire company’s culture.

Resolving Disruption. Disruptions are ever present and it’s easy for organizations to get out of tune and out of sync. This interactive experience takes your audience into what disruption really sounds like then, through revealing fresh techniques to overcome adversity, transforms that dissonance to resolution. The stunning new composition that is created reveals the wisdom and capability of the audience to achieve their highest potential.

The Pulse of Productivity. In our age of relentless distractions and the increase demands in profits and productivity, time management is of the utmost importance. In this rhythmic journey through the pulse of the beat, your audience will discover their own rhythm to move forward in a synchronized fashion to victory—As, Duke Ellington wrote in his timeless classic, “It Don’t Mean a Thing…If It Ain't Got That Swing!”

Teamwork: The Power of Human Harmonics. Have you ever heard a great sounding band or orchestra where everyone is a soloist? It doesn’t exist. For over a decade, the Gallup polls reveal that four out of five employees are disengaged in their work costing the US economy over $500 billion per year in lost revenue. In addition, passive listening is so common in our culture that people remember only half of what they heareven moments after they have heard it. Illuminating the properties of Harmony to resolve conflict and create breakthroughs, this program helps teams learn how to better listen, engage, and achieve collaborative success.

The "Keynote Maestro"Your Master of Ceremonies Want to keep your meeting moving or add an extra spark to make your event unforgettable? Freddie Ravel as your emcee is the answer. He combines your business themes and the Four Foundations of Music to rev up the energy of general sessions throughout the day, your multi-day meeting or your awards ceremony.

Freddie strongly believes in advance planning to ensure your event’s success. As your Master of Ceremonies (or emcee), he and his team will work with you prior to your event to reveal, punctuate and energize your audience through short bursts of music and entertainment for that perfect segue to your next speaker or award presenter.

In constant demand as a keynote presenter, performer, and emcee, Freddie’s high energy and powerful stage presence guarantees a lively and highly-successful event as he ties your program into a perfect bow that further empowers, uplifts, and inspires your audience. He is your assurance that the mundane transforms to magnificent and why so many clients invite him back year-after-year!

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