Jack Becker

Founder and President, Flight Level Solutions & Safety Expert
Jack Becker Speaker
  • One of the US Navy’s most highly-decorated Landing Signals Officers (LSO)
  • First person to utilize CRM to help pilots improve landing of supersonic fighter jets on aircraft carriers
  • Explains the means and tools through which human error can be drastically reduced

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Renowned as one of the most dynamic keynote speakers in the industry, Jack Becker speaks to the the highest-performing organizations in the world including General Electric, Allied Transportation, the American Heart Association, and SunTrust Bank. His keynotes deliver action-packed lessons of fighter pilot combat missions to instill a culture of continual process improvement. Regardless of your business, Jack’s keynotes simply reduce human error. Your team will make fewer mistakes! For the seven N. American regions of GE Power and Water alone, Jack’s program reduced OSHA recordable mishaps over 60%.

Jack is a leadership, teamwork, human performance, safety, and process improvement professional whose years of expertise inspired him to found Flight Level Solutions, Inc. Now Jack has successfully adapted the same peak human performance skills that made him successful flying combat missions in the F/A-18 Hornet, to training companies striving to perform at Top Gun levels. He served as a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier-based F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet fighter pilot, instructor pilot, landing signal officer, quality assurance officer, and crew resource management instructor. Jack has over 2,000 hours flying supersonic fighter jets and brings the same passion and excitement to each keynote speech he delivers. He is a decorated combat veteran having flown numerous strike missions in the Middle East.

As one of the Navy’s most highly decorated Landing Signals Officers (LSO), Jack was instrumental in incorporating the process improvement model of C.R.M. to help pilots improve quickly while landing supersonic fighter jets on nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. He was responsible for over 21,000 mishap-free carrier landings. Jack’s unique experience as both an LSO and as the Navy’s top C.R.M. instructor, he saw an opportunity to relay the same skills of Brief-Execute-Debrief-Perfect to the American workplace. From healthcare groups to manufacturing, construction, sales teams, and insurance firms, Jack’s dynamic keynotes, and seminars leave a lasting impression.

Jack earned a B.S. in Political Science with an emphasis on organizational leadership from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Currently, he serves part-time as an F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet instructor pilot in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

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Supersonic Success

This action-packed keynote is a results-based adventure leaving teams inspired to continually improve both professionally and personally exactly as elite fighter pilots do. Jack’s simple and repeatable process will teach your team how to repeat successes and not repeat failures. Your team will simply make fewer mistakes! Perfect for every level throughout your organization. Make your team agile and cohesive with this process of continual improvement. From management and sales teams to construction crews or anyone else striving to achieve peak performance, Jack allows teams to go behind closed doors to learn why U.S. fighter pilots are the best in the world. Make your team a Top Gun with Supersonic Success!


  • Perfect for any company striving to improve every day
  • Learn the C.R.M. (Crew Resource Management) critical skills so your company can and will start performing better immediately
  • Learn to implement the Top Gun Supersonic Success process of Brief–Execute–Debrief–Perfect to immediately change the mindset throughout your organization
  • Create a culture of true buy-in and ownership from every member of your team allowing you to attract and retain top talent
  • Elevate the performance of your team by capitalizing on successes and eliminating repeated failures
  • Learn to use “The Wingman Mentality,” and improve mutual support.
  • Achieve peak human performance at supersonic speeds!


Supersonic Safety

This fast-paced keynote capitalizes on Jack’s adaptation of the Crew Resource Management process. This simple step-by-step game-plan will ensure your team improves every day by repeating successes and not repeating failures. 

Perfect for everyone from frontline operators to C-suite executives. This process will make your team improve today! Jack’s heart-pounding stories of combat missions draw parallels directly to your team’s everyday challenges. 

His secrets of reducing human error will have your organization performing at Top Gun levels immediately. His tools and techniques of improving communication, decision making, and situational awareness have helped countless industries achieve Supersonic Safety!

(This topic can be custom tailored for any industrial safety application)


  • Learn how FLS’s training reduced OSHA recordable mishaps at a Fortune 500 company over 60%!!
  • Specifically detail how fighter pilots perform high risk tasks at supersonic speeds with the Crew Resource Management critical skills for continual improvement.
  • How “The Wingman Mentality” and mutual support identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace.
  • Create a culture of true buy-in and ownership from every member of your team allowing you to attract and retain top talent
  • Motivate and inspire your team instilling a relentless pursuit of perfection.


Supersonic Perfection in Patient Safety

From EMTs to surgeons, nurses to administrators, the C.R.M. critical skills have been helping healthcare providers “do no harm!” Medical errors are avoidable, and Jack’s process for increasing patient safety is truly groundbreaking. 

This exciting keynote will help any healthcare team achieve peak levels of human performance immediately!


  • Perfect for any health care providers striving to minimize errors and improve every day.
  • An in depth look at how the C.R.M. critical skills are drastically improving patient safety in healthcare.
  • A specific “how to” detailing exactly how the Top Gun Supersonic Success process improves patient safety through all levels.
  • Vital insights to how “The Wingman Mentality” and mutual support drastically and instantly improve patient safety.


Supersonic Success in Athletics

From collegiate athletic programs to professional sports teams, Jack’s Supersonic Game Day keynote redefines how coaches and athletes achieve Top Gun success. Having played collegiate football and ice hockey at the Naval Academy, Jack knows what it takes to win at high levels.  Now, he uses jaw-dropping stories of combat challenges and successes to draw a direct parallel to game day dominance. Your team will be motivated and inspired to succeed every day from off-season preparation though game day execution. If you want to win, you need Supersonic Success!


  • Perfect for any college or professional athletic team looking to guarantee victory.
  • An inside look at how US fighter pilots prepare and execute missions that guarantee victory in air combat, our “game day.”.
  • How championship level sports teams are benefiting from the Top Gun Supersonic Success process for continual improvement.
  • How fighter pilots achieve peak Game Day Performance every mission



Global Situational Awareness 

The key to reducing human error is to increase situational awareness. This workshop dives even further into the intricacies of the Crew Resource Management critical skills and the Top Gun Supersonic Success process by helping teams increase their situational awareness to astonishing levels. If your team is ready to take human performance to the next level, this workshop will be a home run!  *This workshop is great to do as an addition to one of Jack’s keynotes.


  • Perfect for any organization looking to further their peak performance by elevating Situational Awareness. Typically, Jack’s repeat customers.
  • A detailed look on how situational awareness can help nearly everyone in the American workplace.
  • Learn the secrets to increase your situational awareness and achieve peak human performance just like fighter pilots and FBI/CIA agents do.


Entertainment Add-On:  

Not only is Jack Becker a Navy fighter pilot, he’s also a professional musician. He plays the guitar, piano and signs at venues up and down and the East Coast when he’s not on stages speaking.  Have Jack play the guitar or piano and sing along at your opening or closing reception - he knows over 1,800 songs by heart and the attendees can make requests and sing along with him to add some fun - just like in the TOPGUN movies!

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