John La Puma

Doctor, Author, TV host, and Chef
John La Puma
  • John La Puma M.D. is a prominent figure in culinary medicine and modern nature therapy
  • He is a board-certified internist and urban organic farmer, known for founding A Green Rx and ChefMD
  • Dr. La Puma is a bestselling author with significant contributions to teaching cooking and nutrition in medical education
  • He actively explores and promotes nature therapy for various health conditions

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John La Puma M.D. has been called the godfather of culinary medicine and the founder of modern nature therapy. He is board-certified in internal medicine and an urban organic farmer, and Founder of A Green Rx and ChefMD. He is the first physician to teach a course in cooking and nutrition in a U.S. Medical School, with Michael Roizen, M.D.  A New York Times best-selling author, for ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine and The RealAge Diet, the latter with Dr. Roizen, his books have sold over a million copies and have been translated into eight languages, and six PBS specials. Dr. La Puma co-hosted Lifetime TV’s national cable television weekly series Health Corner for five years, and has had walking appointments with his patients by the beach, in parks and on farms since 2001, Dr. La Puma is currently studying nature therapy in medicine, producing and hosting the 13 episode mini docu-series “A Green Rx”, which can be seen on his YouTube channel weekly.  He is working on using specific prescriptions of nature therapy to treat nature deficit disorder, burn out, pain and digital addiction.

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  • Nature Based Medicine: How to Be in Nature and Heal What Ails You
  • Make Your RealAge Younger, Create a Blue Zone & Fill Your Own GreenRx
  • Nature Therapy: Make Yourself Stress-Free with Land, Water, Heat, Air, Sound, Vista
  • Forest Bathing: Are Trees More Powerful Than Statins in Preventing Heart Disease?
  • Why Gardening, Inside or Outside, Can Save Your Life & Make You Younger
  • Cure Nature Deficit Disorder, and Make Yourself Well 
  • Virtual Reality & Pain Relief: See the Sea & Be Pain Free

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