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Jon Wellinghoff

Chief Policy Officer, SolarCity; Former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Advises SolarCity chairman Elon Musk on federal and state policy issues
  • Strong track record of commitment to the clean energy revolution
  • One of the nation’s most influential voices on energy policy
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Jon Wellinghoff is the Chief Policy Officer of SolarCity, the number one provider of distributed solar energy in the United States, and the former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Today, Jon advises SolarCity chairman Elon Musk on federal and state policy issues, and oversees SolarCity’s regulatory and legislative affairs. Hailed as one of the nation’s most influential voices on energy policy, Jon is an internationally recognized energy expert known for his forward-thinking approach to energy policy and his track record of moving the needle on the clean energy revolution. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Jon draws on his decades experience in energy, policy, and business to discuss future opportunities in the fields of wind power, solar power, electric cars, and the development of smart cities, as well as implementing innovative business strategies and corporate cultures. His presentations reveal the promises and pitfalls of advanced energy technology coupled with eye-opening visuals and can’t-miss insights.

FERC Expertise. The longest serving chair in FERC history, Jon was instrumental in instituting visionary policies that opened the electric markets to competitive energy technologies including rooftop solar and electric vehicles. As a result, he has come to represent a monumental shift in energy policy and was dubbed a “new breed” of chairman by the Washington Post. During his tenure, he advocated for building a stronger national power grid through the use of renewable energies like wind and solar power, working to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign energy. He also backed the growth of U.S. hybrid vehicles and the creation of a national “smart grid” power source. He worked to make the U.S. power grid cleaner and more efficient, and championed the agency’s landmark Order 1000, which required grid planners and public utilities to coordinate regional power line projects and encouraged the integration of solar and wind installations.

As chairman, he also created FERC’s Office of Energy Policy and Innovation, which is responsible for investigating and promoting new efficient technologies and practices, and oversaw development of the National Assessment of Demand Response Potential and the National Action Plan for Demand Response. He also established three top priorities: the integration of renewable energy sources into the electric grid; the implementation of advanced technologies that make energy use and distribution more efficient; and the promotion of demand-side energy practices, including real-time electricity pricing and the use of electric cars. Jon has particular expertise in renewable integration, plug-in electric vehicles, energy storage and efficiency, demand response, and energy infrastructure security, including cyber security. He brings to the table experience in federal and state energy policy, regulation, and project development.

Legal Expertise. A renowned energy attorney, Jon is a partner at Stoel Rives LLP and co-chair of the firm’s energy team. He also served as general counsel at the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (1998–2000) and served two terms as the State of Nevada’s first Advocate for Customers of Public Utilities, where he authored the first comprehensive state utility integrated planning statute which later became a nationwide model. He was the primary author of the groundbreaking Nevada Renewable Portfolio Standard Act, and went on to assist six other states with the development of renewable portfolio standards.

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