Keren Elazari

Former hacker, cyber security expert & author
Keren Elazari
  • Keren makes the case for hackers because they might be the immune system for the information age.
  • Hackers like to break things and forces us to fix the weaker elements in our world--creating full disclosure every day.
  • Global Hacktivism rallies the masses from the keyboards to the streets against injustices in the world both on and offline.

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Keren Elazari is an internationally acclaimed security researcher, author and strategic analyst, with years of experience in the international cyber security industry. Since 2000, Keren has worked with leading Israeli security firms, government organizations, Big 4 firms, advised Fortune 500 and groundbreaking startup companies, helping global organizations navigate complex cyber security issues. 

Elazari’s independent research work and writing about emerging security issues has been featured by Scientific American, WIRED, and she is a frequent speaker and commentator in international events and in the media.  Ms. Elazari holds an MA in Security Studies from the prestigious Security & Technology workshop at Tel Aviv University – where she is a senior researcher with the Balvatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center , focusing on the complex relationships between hackers, industry and government. Elazari is also a Security Fellow with Singularity University, a private future-oriented think tank. 

In 2014, Keren became the first Israeli woman to speak at the annual TED conference. Keren’s TED talk has been viewed by millions online, translated to 27 languages and selected for TED’s list of ‘Most Powerful Ideas in 2014’ and’s list of ‘Top TED Talks of 2014’. Her collaborative book with 8 leading women, Women in Tech, was published by Penguin USA in March 2016 and became an Amazon bestseller. In 2016, Keren co-founded the largest Israeli security research community conference, BSidesTLV, part of the global Security BSides hacker movement. In July 2017, Keren was selected by Forbes as one of Israel’s “50 most influential women”.

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