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Kirsten Powers

CNN Political Analyst & Columnist for USA Today and The Daily Beast

  • Former Fox News analyst covering the primaries and general election
  • Served as youngest Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative for Public Affairs
  • Published in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Daily Beast, The New York Post, and Elle magazine
  • Provides independent-minded analysis and insight on the cultural and political issues of the day

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A popular CNN News Political Analyst and columnist for the USA Today and The Daily Beast, Kirsten Powers brings a unique perspective to her commentary from her real-world experience working in politics and business. Known for providing independent-minded analysis and insight on the cultural and political issues of the day, Powers pierces through the partisan rhetoric of most arguments and gives the honest analysis Americans desire in a political and media environment that has become increasingly divisive.

Powers was a regular member of Fox News’s 2008 and 2012 election night coverage throughout the primaries and general election and provided all-day analysis for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Since joining Fox News in 2003, Powers has been featured on the O’Reilly Factor, Special Report with Bret Baier (and previously with Brit Hume), and Fox News Sunday. She recently joined CNN as a political analyst.   

After beginning her political career answering phones for Bill Clinton’s DC campaign office in January 1992 and working for the Clinton-Gore Transition team as they prepared for the new administration, Powers landed at the White House where she worked for US Trade Representative, Mickey Kantor. She rose through the ranks to become the Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative for Public Affairs, the youngest person to hold that position.

In 1998, she was recruited by America Online to run their international communications office as the then-Internet leader expanded their business worldwide. As vice president, Powers oversaw day-to-day international communications and launched AOL services in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Mexico. Powers returned to politics to serve as Press Secretary to Andrew Cuomo’s 2002 governor’s race and continued to work in New York City and state politics, before turning to political commentary and writing.

Her writing has been published in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Dallas Morning News, The New York Observer,, The Daily Beast, The New York Post, Elle magazine, and American Prospect online.

Raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Powers graduated from the University of Maryland – College Park with a BS in Journalism. She currently resides in Washington, DC. 

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