Nick Saunders

International Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Best-selling Author
Nick Saunders
  • Specialising in communication and embraces a simple yet powerful system
  • Focusing on the essential 6 communication skills and attributes
  • Teaching tips and techniques on how to use them
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of yourself and others
  • Developing a framework for better relationships/teamwork/collaboration – all of which lead to better performance

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Nick turns relationships into results.

In an era where employee engagement is down to 15% and 4 in 10 employees report some form of interpersonal conflict at work, Nick helps individuals and teams transform the way they operate with others. He specialises in communication, collaboration and conflict resolution – enabling people and teams work together more effectively. 

He is the author of the No.1 bestselling book “You can choose your friends…” and is known as The Family Man - for his unique comparison methods.

Put simply, he is a Collaboration and Practical Communications Specialist who helps turn relationships into results.

Success in any organisation is pretty much down to people collaborating well with people.

Nick reveals how to win over anyone and everyone. He has developed a powerful, practical 6 step model that enables colleagues and teams to work together more effectively, collaborate more successfully and function more professionally – all of which leads to improved performance.

Nick is known as The Family Man because he demonstrates that workplaces are like families; you can choose your friends but families and work colleagues you’re stuck with. However, you can still get on with them and Nick illustrates how…by turning relationships into results.

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Speaker Video

Nick Saunders: The Family Man and Communications Expert

Nick Saunders: Relationships Into Results