R. Scott Dingle

Army Surgeon General and Commanding General, US Army Medical Command from 2019-2024
R. Scott Dingle Headshot on a white background
  • First African American male to be appointed Army Surgeon General
  • Led the Army’s response to Covid-19, served on the White House Operation Warp Speed task force, and credited with modernizing medical healthcare infrastructure
  • Reflects upon three decades of service and command experience to share fundamental lessons for leading with impact and navigating complexity with confidence
  • Decorated leader with a proven track record of turning chaos to clarity and leading high-performance teams

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Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Dingle brings a natural gravitas to any event as he reflects upon his experiences as Army Surgeon General and Commanding General of USAMEDCOM to share cornerstone lessons and takeaways for how truly influential leaders navigate chaos and complexity, foster cultures built to withstand the ebbs and flows on the path to achieving success, and empower cross-functional teams that build consensus, operate in sync, and are positioned to win big. He is a skilled storyteller whose relatable anecdotes from his own career lend credence to the wisdom he imparts, while reassuring each person that they are capable of making a profound impact within their teams, organizations, and communities.

Dingle was appointed acting United States Army Surgeon General in July 2019 and, soon after, was confirmed by the Senate for promotion to Lieutenant General and permanent assignment as United States Army Surgeon General. Dingle led USAMEDCOM’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, serving on the White House’s Operation Warp Speed Covid-19 task force and as an instrumental figure in the Army’s efforts to strengthen and modernize its health infrastructure. Previously, Dingle held various high-ranking roles in the military healthcare system, including Commanding General of the Regional Health Command-Atlantic (the nation’s premier military health system), director of healthcare operations at the Office of the Surgeon General, and commander of the 30th Medical Brigade in Germany. During his tenure as Army Surgeon General, he served on the advisory council for the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States and a board member for Army Emergency Relief and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dingle has been honored with various awards and decorations in recognition of his exceptional contributions to his country. Among them are the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation, and Joint Meritorious Service Medal.

In a world that’s ever-changing, Lieutenant General Dingle’s legacy of leadership, readiness, and adaptation remains ingrained within the cultures of the teams he has led, and is a source of inspiration for servant leaders across varying industries and backgrounds.

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Unlocking Leadership Potential. Drawing from his experience as Army Surgeon General and Commanding General for US Army Medical Command, Lieutenant General R. Scott Dingle explores the characteristics and behaviors of highly effective leaders and illustrates how anyone is capable of developing the skills needed to become the type of leader that people are proud to follow. He engages audiences with stories from his own career to reinforce invaluable lessons on decision-making, resilience, and fostering agile cultures that are built to adapt, innovate, and succeed in any mission.  

Forging Ahead: Navigating Crisis with Confidence. Soon after LTG R. Scott Dingle was appointed as the 45th Army Surgeon General and Commanding General for US Army Medical Command, the world came face to face with the Covid-19 pandemic. Without hesitation, Dingle stepped into his role in leading the entire Army’s response as crisis consumed the world and was ultimately successful in seeing his teams through this and many of the other challenges they faced. In this compelling keynote, he reflects upon what worked and what needed to be adapted as he navigated his teams through chaos and complexity to share practical strategies for how leaders can maintain their composure and forge a united front within their teams as they push through the tailwinds to achieve success amidst uncertainty. Dingle outlines the essential qualities of resilient leadership and equips audiences with the tools needed to build trust, navigate complexity with confidence and clarity, and rise above challenges to thrive in chaos.  

Strength in Unity: The Habits of High-Performance Teams. As LTG R. Scott Dingle will tell you, teamwork was the most important aspect of any successful endeavor he led as Army Surgeon General and Commanding General of US Army Medical Command, and in all of his previous military assignments. In this talk, he reveals his “Five Rs” for fostering effective team dynamics and offers proven strategies for creating a culture of trust, communication, and collaboration within any organization. Dingle’s insights serve an adaptable blueprint for leveraging the team’s individual and collective strengths, and transforming eclectic groups int high-performing teams that are transparent, cohesive, and greater than the sum of their parts.  

Charting the Future of Healthcare. Among LTG R. Scott Dingle’s impressive list of accomplishments, he is credited with leading a major reorganization of USAMEDCOM and the Military Health System, and modernizing them to anticipate and withstand the challenges of the future. In this discussion, he expands his focus from the military to the overall healthcare landscape to identify the current challenges in the system, as well as identify the opportunities that exist to innovate and develop solutions to those challenges. As he examines the possibilities for the future of healthcare and relates them to the issues that matter most to the audience, he considers the potential role of emerging technologies in bringing the future of healthcare to fruition, while also underscoring the importance of collaboration when it comes to enhancing patient care and evolving the landscape of healthcare delivery.  

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