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Rasmus Ankersen

Performance Development Expert and Author of The Goldmine Effect and Hunger in Paradise
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    Rasmus Ankersen is the author of five best-selling books, a speaker on performance development, and a trusted advisor to businesses and sportsmen around the world. He is the only expert on the subject who has literally lived and trained with the best athletes on the planet, and he shows audiences what the business world can learn from high performance competitors. Well known for The Goldmine Effect, his latest book is Hunger in Paradise: The War Against Complacency, which looks at the consequences of success and how to maintain the hustle that brought it about in the first place.

    Rasmus considers himself a “travel guide” in his speeches, taking audiences with him on a trek from Seoul to Kingston to Kenya. Focusing on concepts that can be applied to any organization – how to find the best talent, the secrets of high performance, and the power of self-imposed constraints – he delivers a presentation that has been called “an inspiration” and “truly fascinating.” With the advice that organizations should expand their competitive landscape (he shares a story of how LEGO considers Apple one of its biggest competitors because when a child decides how to spend his allowance, it is often between a toy or a new app), Rasmus uses real-life examples and result-driven insights to show audiences that you should look for talent where it is the most difficult to demonstrate it, never trust success, think outside-in, and kill the illusion of perfect market conditions.

    Sought-After Expert. Rasmus teaches organizations how to build their own gold mines of talent. He is always on the move, flying from city to city to do new research, advise major companies, or address sold-out audiences. Among his clients are organizations such as LEGO, Facebook, Boston Consulting Group, IKEA, Rotman Business School, Nasdaq, Ernst&Young and many more. As an author and expert on talent and performance development, he has been featured on Sky News Business, CBC, The Morning Show, and Fox Sports. He is also a regular columnist in several business magazines, among them the Chinese CEIBS.

    Repeat Best-Selling Author. Rasmus wrote three best-selling books before the age of 26, including his first, The DNA of a Winner, at age 22 and his second, Leader DNA, a year later. Leader DNA is based on field studies of 25 high-profile leaders, including the Secretary of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the CEO of the LEGO Group, Jorgen Vig Knudstorp. With more than 40,000 sold copies, it has been the best-selling leadership book in Denmark for more than 10 years. The Danish prime minister also invited Rasmus to contribute a chapter to his book The Danish Dream.

    With his third book, The Gold Mine Effect, Rasmus took another step into the secrets of high performance. It is now published in more than 40 countries.

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