Scott Klososky

Technology Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author, & Founder, Future Point of View
  • Technology consultant advising Fortune 500 companies
  • 30-year career as a technology entrepreneur and founder of numerous successful tech startup companies
  • Teaches business leaders to take advantage of emerging trends and tech innovation
  • Discusses the impact of digital transformation, cybersecurity, and digital governance on the business world and society in general

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As a founding partner of digital strategy firm, Future Point of View (FPOV), Scott lives on the leading edge of technology and innovative thinking. Scott speaks to large audiences worldwide about the intersection of humanity and the Digital Transformation. Through FPOV, Scott provides advisory work for clients including Fortune100, SMB’s and government entities. This work has driven him to develop unique concepts such as the HUMALOGY® Scale for measuring the amount of human or machine involved in a system or process, and the Rivers of Information® process for building learning eco-systems. He also pioneered a framework for looking accurately into the future of an industry sector in order to set organizational strategy: The High Beam process.

Scott co-founded Alkami Technology (ALKT), the developer of a second-generation online banking platform with innovative features non-existent in current systems. The company went public in 2021 at a $3billion valuation and is today headquartered in Dallas with over 350 employees.

Scott is recognized globally for his unique ability to accurately predict future digital trends and explain the logic behind why these will alter the current status quo of the economy and society. While business application of his insights is extremely valuable to leaders and companies, he is also motivated help improve the impact post Covid environments are having on people and their daily lives.  Technology has been increasingly driving change and stress and recent events are amplifying this problem.  He has a unique perspective on how to manage the personal toll technology is causing people, teams and organizations.

Even as a young child, Scott was destined to see the world through a Humalogy® lens.  His father was a programmer for Boeing and his mother was a counselor who mixed many philosophies into her practice of helping people in life.  To this day, he is a hybrid of a technologist and humanist who strives to find a hopeful future in blending the two.

Scott has the ability to entertain, inspire, and enlighten audiences, while helping them gain new perspectives about how technology is impacting us.  Scott never does a canned presentation with the exact content across events.   He sets himself apart from other speakers by architecting his content with the latest examples, current events and trends relevant for the keynote he is delivering.

He is equally adept at giving large stage keynotes, speaking to small boards of directors, facilitating half and full day workshops, and doing break-out sessions. As an added bonus of his presentations, attendees come away learning how to be a better facilitator, speaker or presenter by seeing Scott use different applications and technologies to engage audiences either in a virtual, hybrid or in person setting.   The best measure of his ability to inspire and inform audiences is the high percentage of speaking clients who bring him back for follow up work with their audiences.

He produces a podcast titled “The Digital Optimist” in which he delivers ideas about the transformation of humanity through the impact of technology with a positive and hopeful lens.  He also writes a blog titled Digital Awakening – both can be found at his website at

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Technology Forecasting and The Internet of Things

Ten Techniques for Leading a Home-Based Team. Leading, managing, or overseeing a group of home-based workers is very different than having everyone at the office. The dynamics are different and although technology can help us communicate, it cannot replace some of the human interactions that happen when people are physically together. In this webinar, Scott Klososky will share the best practices he and his team have developed for managing virtual teams, including the ten techniques that leaders must make in order to gain high productivity from their home-based teams. These include:

  • Adding/Updating collaboration tools
  • Establishing professionality practices for remote workers
  • Adjusting your leadership style by personality profile
  • Adopting new security measures
  • And more!

Futurist, Trends, & Strategy:

Trends, Technology, & Taking The Lead. This is a talk that is designed to be both thought provoking and practical. Typically, the opening section is about the digital transformation and its powerful impact on the world. From there, Scott Klososky can use any number of specific technology areas as examples of powerful trends. The trending topics can be areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Humalogy-based relationships, wearable devices, big data, the cashless society, and cyber security. Depending on the audience, the topics can be mixed and matched and the tone of this talk can be futuristic or useful for today. This tends to be an inspirational keynote because Scott normally ends with a call-to-action for the audience to consider their legacy and what they can do personally to use technology to advance their organizations. There is never a canned version of this keynote. It is architected from the ground up for each audience based on what will create the most positive impact.

  • Best Audience – This is a general talk that works for any audience. Scott will customize this talk for the industry he is speaking to so that the trends discussed are specifically appropriate for the listeners.
  • Position in the Event – This talk can be constructed to be a good opening session or tweaked to be inspirational and a great send off at the end of a conference. It can be one to three hours depending on how many concepts Scott covers and how deeply he goes into each thought. The time frame is best between 60 to 90 minutes.

The Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Wearables, & The Cashless SocietyHow To Prosper When Technology Changes Your Industry. Not only is the pace of digital change speeding up, it is also increasing in its ability to change the dynamics in industries overnight. Examples like self-driving cars and the impacts they will have on multiple industries highlight the need to have our “high beams” on so we can understand the future impacts of technologies that are already here today. In this presentation, Scott Klososky customizes the technology innovations he discusses to the audience so they can gain a clearer picture as to the future impacts of new digital tools. This talk is never the same from event to event because Scott will weave in the latest inventions and concepts when painting the picture as to how each may impact the industry of the event. The content can be thought leading, informative, practical, and inspiring depending on what tone is needed for the event. It is also possible to stay with technology impacts over the next few years or to go more futuristic and move to a time horizon of ten to fifteen years out.

  • Best Audience – This talk is perfect for executives who want a thought leading presentation that will give them an advantage in the market. The content is strategic in nature so is more suited to people who are looking to find an edge in the market.
  • Position in the Event –This talk is best positioned as either the opening content of an event or can be used as the closing keynote. This content will get people’s attention so it needs to be used to excite them about new possibilities and to set a tone at the beginning. The other possibility is to use it as a closing session to send them off with a strategic call to action. The time frame is best between 60 to 90 minutes.

The Power of Data As A Raw Material: Big Data & Business Intelligence (BI). For more than 50 years, computers have been gathering and storing data. Now is the time to focus on putting it to work. By combining the concept of aggregating many forms of data and information into a very large data warehouse (big data) and using Business Intelligence (BI) to do the data mining, we can now discover new trends, anomalies, and analytics. This includes the ability to move up the chain from forensic data to real time, and most importantly, to predictive analysis. With the new software applications available, the ability to discover valuable insights is now available to small and medium-sized organizations. This powerful capability will soon create winners and losers in the market which means it is not an optional skill to learn!

In this presentation, Scott combines thought-leading concepts with the practical steps organizations must follow in order to exploit the new power of building up chain data and converting it to information, knowledge, and ultimately wise decisions.

  • Best Audience – This is a great message for either high level executives, or a technology oriented audience. If the attendees are sales and marketing oriented, this message can be focused on customer intelligence specifically
  • Position in the Event – This talk is best in the middle of an event when people are open to thought leading content that can be applied right away to produce big gains. The time frame is best between 45 to 90 minutes.

Machine Intelligence: The Rise of The Machines.This is one of the hottest subjects in the business world right now. Leaders all want to understand where robotics, AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, etc., are going over the next few years and how they will change industries. A presentation that teaches them about the technology in plain language and then shows them how they might apply it is a powerful way to spend an hour.

The Future: Utopia Or Dystopia. When I do Q&A this is one of the questions that comes up a lot during Scott Klososky’s Q&A sessions these days. People have a hunger to know if all the technology and progress we are making will actually make the world a better place, or if it will destroy us one day. This is not a topic that is addressed in a long-form presentation at the moment and is mostly just written about by a few thought leaders. Scott finds that when he presents an audience with a fact-based approach to whether the world will be “better” for us, or worse, audiences are highly engaged and thoughtful afterwards.


Digital Marketing: Building A Humalogy-Based Customer Journey. In order to grow revenue and market share, organizations must transition from a focus on doing transactions to building relationships. Marketing today is always a combination of human and technology touch points and learning to integrate those wisely can be a powerful advantage. In this presentation, Scott Klososky explains the three pillars of Digital Marketing—The Relationship, the Tools and Techniques, and the Digital Revenue Engine. The content can be heavier on any one of the pillars based on what the audience might find most useful. For example, many people today want to learn how to do the mapping of a relationship journey to define where and when to use digital tools in order to create a more frictionless journey. As the field of digital marketing gets more complicated, it is valuable to organizations to have models they can apply for their unique situations in order to build tighter customer relationships in ways that are powerful and affordable.

  • Best Audience – This talk is perfect for executives who are looking for a revenue growth edge in their markets. It is also valuable for marketing executives who want to hear about the latest in digital marketing techniques.
  • Position in the Event – This talk is best positioned in the middle of an event when people are ready to learn, take lots of notes, and absorb new models that can be helpful when they get home. The time frame is best between 60 to 90 minutes. 

Selling To The Technology-Augmented Customer. Whether the customer is a patient, member, client, or buyer, the process for influencing them towards a sale is changing. As buyers become more accustomed to doing their own product research and managing the sales cycle more to their liking, the ability to influence them is changing. Technology is playing a more critical role in the success of the sales cycle today and for that reason sales managers and salespeople must learn how to best integrate their activities with tools like CRM systems, social technologies, digital content, and automated marketing systems.

In this keynote, Scott Klososky customizes the hours and hours of content he has built for clients to help them grow their revenue and tighten customer relationships into a practical session that has immediate and practical applications. Depending on the need of the audience, this talk can lean towards inspiring people to adopt new methods and tools or can be a practical “how-to” session where audience members will be taking lots of notes.

There is a lot of flexibility with this content because it can be tweaked to focus on a younger, mixed, or older customer base.

  • Best Audience – This presentation is best for sales managers, sales people, customer care, and the marketing department.
  • Position in the Event – This presentation is a good fit in any place in an event. It can be made funny and entertaining, or highly practical and informational. The time frame is best between 60 to 90 minutes.

Technology & Leadership:

Technology-Infused Leadership: A New Model For Modern Day Leadership. There are thousands of leadership books out on the market, and what all of them seem to be missing is any discussion of what a leader now needs to know about technology in order to be effective. We have a plethora of Baby Boomer and traditional generation leaders who did not grow up with technology and are who are uncomfortable making strategic technology decisions. The content includes a description of the Technology Mastery Model, the 22 elements of technology governance, and a list of the major technology concepts that must be learned by leaders today. Scott Klososky pulls from a large base of content that his company uses to do leadership workshops and courses in order to customize this keynote for the right balance between teaching concepts, case studies, and inspiring leaders to learn new technology concepts.

This keynote is a must see for leaders at least once over the next few years if they want to stay relevant in this time of digital transformation. Scott always ends this keynote by talking about what kind of legacy the leader wants to leave and this often has a very memorable impact on them.

  • Best Audience – This session is specifically targeted at the C-suite, executives, and high potentials. It is best delivered to high level people that are open to learning new ways of leading and who understand that they must continue to grow in order to be effective leaders.
  • Position in the Event – This content can be presented anywhere in the lineup of sessions. It can also be done as a break out specifically for a smaller group of leaders as a stand-alone, or after a keynote has been given. The time frame is best between 45 to 90 minutes.

Global Change/Thought Leadership:

The Technology Integration of Man. As human beings, we are in the middle of an era where technology is systematically integrating more and more into our lives. As this happens, the humalogical balance is shifting that that has massive impacts on everything from the economy to how people feel about their quality of life. The impact of technology over the next fifty years and how it will integrate into our lives and even into our bodies will be staggering. This presentation examines a handful of examples that demonstrate how different the economy will be when implantable devices, autonomous robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and massive rivers of data come together to reshape our lives. Scott Klososky customizes this talk by industry and works to make people really think about the positive and negatives of the technology integration of man. There will be winners and loser in the market and this session is meant to help people think broader thoughts as to how they might want to position their organizations for the coming dynamic changes.

  • Best Audience – This talk is best targeted at executives who think they have heard it all before, or general audiences who hear lots of speakers every year. This is a very unique keynote that is not like anything people have heard before. It is not simply a futuristic look at technology, it is a thought provoking session as to how economic dynamics will change.
  • Position in the Event – Because this talk is meant to be very thought provoking, it can be used as an opening speech to get people thinking, or as a change of pace in the middle of a conference. The time frame is best between 60 to 90 minutes.

Did God Create The Internet? Did God Create The Internet? is the title of Scott Klososky’s latest book and all of the content is derived from the concepts it contains. The subtitle for this book is, The Impact of Technology on Humanity, and that is what this keynote is about.

One of the most speculated questions people (especially parents) have about technology is how it will impact us as a species over time. Will all these new digital tools be good or bad for us over time? What is technology doing to us today? Are we going to be happier? Work harder, or less? Will we have less privacy? Will younger generations lose capabilities older generations had, or will our young people be much more powerful than their predecessors? Scott weaves together technology and philosophy into a thought provoking talk that is a perfect mind expander. There is a lot of flexibility deliver content that is futuristic or relevant today. And the tone of the delivery can be varied between conversational and filled with stories, or a serious call-to-action to make better decisions as to how we are setting social mores and boundaries with digital tools.

  • Best Audience – This is clearly a talk intended for an audience that has heard lots of speakers and is looking for something new. If spouses are invited this works well because it is less about business and more about technologies impact on society in general. For this reason, it can be interesting to any level of attendee.
  • Position in the Event – This presentation needs to be used as a change of pace in the middle of an event, or at the end of the event to send people home with some big thoughts about how technology is impacting them. The time frame is best between 45 to 90 minutes.

Cyber Security:

Cyber Security: You Are The Greatest Asset Or Threat. Any discussion of cyber security will inevitably include things like firewalls, network monitoring, and intrusion detection systems. Having a strong perimeter around your organization’s infrastructure is important. Yet even an organization with the strongest perimeter has one key vulnerability: Its people. In cyberspace, people, not infrastructure, are the most important asset or greatest weakness. This is very much dependent on their knowledge of cyber security best practices.

In this presentation, Scott Klososky, who has spoken at the FBI Cyber Warfare conferences and provided cyber security training for many different organization, enlightens people at every level of organizations on how to best to protect themselves and their organization online. He will review the latest techniques bad actors are using to trick employees and leaders into giving them critical information or access to a network. Scott shares what these actors want and the ways they go about getting it and how you best can protect the organization from attack.

  • Best Audience – This talk is designed for everyone, from leadership and C-suite executives on down to department heads and mangers. Cyber security training is a necessary tool for every member of an organization and this talk will help build a foundation of training. Therefore, it can be extremely valuable for all.

Cyber Security Risk: What Leaders Need To Know In Order To Avoid Consequences. It is as real as the headlines or the enormous financial burden and reputation shattering impact of a high-profile breach, that is the increasing dangers organizations face in cyberspace. In this presentation, Scott Klososky will highlight the common attack vectors and methods that cyber criminals use to steal or ransom data or otherwise disrupt organizations digitally. He will discuss the rising threat organizations face online, including from organized crime (Mafia 2.0). He will also analyze the financial implications of falling victim to an attack by examining some of the more devastating cyberattacks and the lessons leaders can learn from these cases. This presentation will also enlighten attendees about the people responsible for committing cybercrime.

  • Best Audience – Leaders and those in the C-suite who are interested in learning more about protecting their organizations in cyberspace.

The Future of Cyber Security. The Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Warfare, a Digital Pearl Harbor: The field of cyber security will only grow in its impact on people, organizations and our world. What will the future bring? In this presentation, Scott Klososky looks forward to tackle some of the challenges we will soon face in cyberspace. Will we continue to witness a rise of surveillance on each of us, constant threats of digital attack from state-sponsored actors, people from across the globe with the ability to seize control of our vehicles, our wearable devices, and our smart homes? These are some of the important topics that will be addressed in this presentation. Scott is recognized for his unique future vision and his ability to extrapolate technology trends that will influence our world. In this presentation, Scott points this capability toward cyber security to explain why it will become one of the most critical elements of our future.

  • Best Audience – This is designed for anyone interested in how cyber security will impact the world. Scott has designed this presentation to help people critically consider the security we will face as we continue to increase our digital connectedness.

Cyber Security In 2019: The Danger Grows. This is almost a public service presentation in itself. Business leaders, and individuals are all struggling with the volume of cybercrime that is thrown at us every day. And, it is getting more sophisticated daily. This presentation provides the latest information on the new attack vectors, and the defensive models. The number one thing we can do to help fight against the darkness of cybercrime is to educate people on the battle.

In this presentation, Scott Klososky fascinates audiences by sharing real-life stories about how companies have been attacked, and then he shares best practices so that these organizations are not the next bad example.

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