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Timothy Clark

Global thought leader in 21st century leadership, cultures that adapt and innovate, psychological safety, leading change & transformation
  • Held positions at every level of business from steel plant manager to CEO
  • Oxford-trained researcher with doctorate in political science
  • Consults internationally on organizational change and leadership development
  • Unique understanding of the intersection between business and politics
Topics & Types
Change ManagementLeadershipCorporate CultureModeratorCEOsAuthors

Dr. Timothy R. Clark is the rare leadership expert who spans the theory-to-practice gap as both a world-class leadership scholar and a former three-time CEO who has turned around hemorrhaging companies. As an Oxford-trained researcher, Clark can slice through the non-essential, the hype, the gimmicks, and the fads to get to the heart of leadership principles and practices.

Clark delivers his speeches with a combination of humility and commanding presence—a presence that he backs up with in-depth and penetrating content.

Clark is best-selling author of four books and more than 125 articles on various aspects of leadership, change, and innovation.

  • Epic Change: How to Lead Change in the Global Age (Jossey-Bass) “Absolutely brilliant material,” Stephen R. Covey
  • Leadership Bones (Bradmore Road Press). “A high-impact experience,” Christopher Germann, vice president, Gartner
  • The Employee Engagement Mindset (McGraw-Hill). “Unlocks the door to professional connectedness,” Marshall Goldsmith
  • Leading with Character and Competence (Berrett-Koehler). “Clark has captured leadership with elegant simplicity,” Dave Ulrich, University of Michigan

The founder and CEO of LeaderFactor, an international leadership consulting and training organization, Clark works extensively with corporations, government agencies, health care organizations, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations around the world. Before founding his own firm, Clark was CEO of Novations SDC, a consulting firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Clark earned a Ph.D. in Social Science from Oxford University and was both a Fulbright and British Research Scholar. As an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, he completed a triple degree and was named a first-team Academic All-American defensive-end football player.

Dr. Clark has the uncanny ability to translate theory into practice and communicate practical concepts and tools that have immediate impact. He has been affectionately called the “blue collar scholar” for his ability to find the practical application in his research, and his instincts for both the executive suite and the shop floor.

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