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Jenny Radcliffe on Becoming a People Hacker


Keynote Speaker, Jenny Radcliffe, discuses what it was like for her growing up in Liverpool, England, and what circumstances led to her getting hooked on social engineering. She talks about going from talking her way into small buildings and areas, to being paid to break into a bank to learn about security.

"People Hacker" and Social Engineer

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Jenny Radcliffe is a “people hacker”—or a mix of shrewd behavioral scientist, master negotiator, and actor. Known for talking her way into high-security banks and even the Tower of London, Jenny is a world-renowned coach, consultant, and speaker who brings something different to meetings focused on culture, social intelligence, sales, negotiation, and interpersonal relationships. She helps clients understand how to better read people and social cues, use subtle tactics of persuasion, open up avenues of conversation previously shut, and understand and shield against their own vulnerabilities.
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