Lauren DeLisa Coleman

Media Innovationist, Innovation Contributor for NASDAQ
Lauren DeLisa Coleman
  • Provides deep expertise on trends in Artificial intelligence, Web3, 5G, AR/VR/Immersive as they converge with popular culture
  • Helps mass media/entertainment companies incorporate emerging tech into concrete business practices with a proprietary Roadmap
  • Deciphers pop culture and hip hop trends and their impact on society, brands, business
  • Analyzes and forecasts the intersection of cultural trends and emerging tech behavior as it pertains to Millennials and Gen Z, DEI/Diversity
  • Successful digital entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience working for notables from Snoop Dogg and Jay Z to Microsoft

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Media Innovationist, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur; Lauren is an expert at deciphering and forecasting power trends, innovation, and public sentiment within the intersection of popular culture/hip hop & emerging tech - Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Web 3 - and the impact of such on business and governance - with a unique focus on Millennials+ as well as diverse demographics. She helps brands and politicos understand how to create messaging and content that better resonates with today’s tech-savvy, pop culture Gen Z consumers/constituents and influential demographics of color by providing forecast & insight into cultural trends, attitudes, and behavior as it all intersects with emerging tech usage, that is, Future Media.

Through the lens of what she calls "the rise of the leaderful"; a cultural shift exemplified by a new spirit of increased individual empowerment via a decentralized, networked, Future-Media driven era, she provides a unique voice as a visionary. Her work is based on her team's micro-sociology research, her books "Rise of the Smartpower Class"(Amazon Best: "New Media Studies"),  the 2016 update of that book, "America's Most Wanted: The Millennial”, and via her background as a successful, international digital entrepreneur previously collaborating with clients leveraging content strategy, pop culture trends, and technology through her previous startup, Punch Media Group as well as an MTV Networks veteran.

She has developed a unique ability to provide two-way insights between tech, consumer markets, and hip-hop culture.  Having been the force behind creating digital brand strategies for iconic rap artist Ice Cube and his motion-picture extension TBS series "Are We There Yet?" to ensure audience connection to reach television syndication status and multi-millions in revenue or as the one who lead the European emerging mobile strategy for cultural force Jay Z's former streetwear clothing line Rocawear's successful European launch that later contributed to the artist's ground-breaking sale to Iconix brand for $160 million, or as co-producer of Snoop Dogg's first-ever online, interactive concert via Microsoft's former Silverlight technology, or creating an awareness campaign for Eminem's first-ever animated DVD "The Slim Shady Show" or collaborating with Questlove of The Roots to drive the hip hop-tech track she created for the iconic international music conference MIDEM, or identifying on-going tech branding opportunities for members of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, and more; Lauren successfully moves between the worlds of fans/consumers, recording artist talent, hip hop culture, and technology to leverage an innate understanding of and between each that is unprecedented in business today and for Future Media.

She was one of the first to study and track AI-generated voice and lyrics based on Jay Z. She will also be analyzing Meta's first hip hop concert featuring the late Notorious B.I.G, and many other projects.

Lauren has written and continues to write for numerous media outlets on emerging tech and popular culture such as Forbes, Daily Beast,, The Next Web, Business Insider, Moguldom,, and Campaigns & Elections, and more. She is also a guest commentator on MSNBC, among other media outlets.

She is the current founder of Lnk Agency, a diversified concept marketing, and media production company fostering innovation in marketing and communications strategy with ventures integrating hip hop music, film, post-cable television, technology, politics for the new GenZ/Millennial tech class, and DEI initiatives and counts as its clients companies from WarnerMedia (now WarnerMedia Discovery) to IBM.

A massive proponent of supporting the new majority in the powerful realm of Future Media, Lauren also recently launched an innovative non-profit and movement entitled GameChange to ensure that this new area is inclusive of a variety of top minds from diverse demographics.

She is at work on a new AI-driven media company and speaks professionally on the above via Leading Authorities agency.

Lauren is an alum of Columbia University and is currently pursuing studies at Harvard Business School.

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Lauren DeLisa Coleman - Emerging Technologies

The most important value one can offer is to provide fresh, engaging thought that is both easy to understand and easy to remember. Panels, conferences, radio shows, television programs, web, future vision, commentary, business analysis, interviews, and much more—Lauren deLisa Coleman breaks down cultural trend analysis as it intersects with millennial values and emerging tech behavior, DEI at a variety of prestigious conferences and plenaries to diverse audiences all across the globe.

Here are Lauren deLisa Coleman's core areas of interest and main speaking topics:

  • The GenZ/Millennials Factor: Trend Forecast, Paradigm Quake Based On New Values From Tech-Savvy, Politically Aware Power Demographic
  • Popular Culture/Hip Hop: Youth impact, future forecast,  cultural intelligence, tech & innovation impact
  • Diversity: Trend Forecast & Analysis, Innovation Insights, & Leadership Impact
  • Intersection Of Social Good & New Levels Of Corporate Responsibility/Leadership: New Trend Demands From Millennial Demographics
  • Impact Of Emerging Tech & Gen Z.Millennials: Disruptive Trends To Watch (Web3, 5G, VR, AI, Metaverse)
  • Decay Of Traditional Media Structure, Rise Of Digital Public Opinion, & Trend Impact On Business

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