Major Garrett

CBS News’ Chief Washington Correspondent & Columnist at Large for National Journal
  • Has covered Congress for 2 major magazines and served as White House correspondent for 3 TV networks
  • Called “one of the smartest people in the briefing room” by Robert Gibbs
  • Shares insider stories and valuable insights into the inner-workings of our political system, the state of politics today, and the role of the media

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For 30 years Major Garrett has reported from the front lines of the nation’s pressing issues, doggedly chasing and breaking news stories. He began his illustrious journalism career as a police and general assignment reporter, and has since covered Congress for two major magazines and served as White House correspondent for three television networks. He is now the Chief Washington Correspondent for CBS News, and was the network’s chief political reporter covering the 2016 Republican race for the White House. In 2020 he was one of the first national correspondents to focus on voting procedures, voting integrity, and voter turnout. He led the most comprehensive CBS coverage of this topic in history, educating voters before the election and in real-time during extensive Election Night and Election Week coverage. On January 6th, 2021, Major covered the assault on the US Capitol alongside CBS Evening News Anchor Norah O’Donnell - logging nearly 10 hours of continuous live coverage. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Major also hosts two CBS News podcasts: The Takeout and The Debrief. The Takeout is a rare multi-platform interview show carried on all podcast platforms, more than 70 radio stations, SiriusXM, and CBSN. The Debrief is a nationally recognized weekly documentary podcast. 

A truly non-partisan reporter, Major is available to speak and moderate panels on the state of politics today, the inner workings of Congress, and the role of the media. His humorous, direct, and dynamic speeches call upon personal anecdotes from his time on the Hill, well-built relationships with top political players, as well as tales from the presidential campaigns he’s crisscrossed the country covering. He breaks down complex hot-button policy issues and is universally recognized as balanced, having worked for the White House teams of both CNN and Fox News.

Known for asking tough questions of all political actors regardless of party lines, Major’s extensive and award-winning print and television work is well-known and has drawn the public wrath of Presidents Obama and Trump among others. He has worked with outlets including U.S. News and World Report, The Washington Times, The Weekly Standard, and Mother Jones.

Major has written four books. His third, Enduring Revolution, was hailed as one of the best non-fiction political books of all time.

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Speaker Video

Major Garrett & CBS News Washington Correspondents Reflect On Trump's First Year

What Does the White House Shake-Up Signal to the World?

Politics Today. Major Garrett has made a career out of being “in the know” about politics. Working as a Congressional correspondent for more than 20 years, he has covered the major news stories that have affected national discourse. Garrett draws from his years covering Congress and the administration to share insider stories and valuable insights into the inner-workings of our political system. As a former television correspondent, Major Garrett has a humorous, direct, and dynamic speaking style, and his speeches include anecdotes from his time on Capitol Hill, as well as tales from the presidential campaigns he crisscrossed the country reporting (1992, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016). With this expertise, he addresses Congress, Presidents, major historic events, politics, and policy.

Congress Today. Major Garrett has been a Congressional correspondent for more than 20 years, studying the ins and outs of Congress, how it functions, and how it votes. As a truly non-partisan reporter, Garrett is able to sort out today’s hot topics and the legislative battles from the core issues. His vast experience studying how and why Congress works and his constant contact with Washington’s politicians enables him address the inner-workings of Congress as a whole.

The Role of Media. The role of a reporter is no longer to simply tell the stories of the day, but to ensure viewers can fully understand and relate to them. As a successful reporter in print and on TV, Major Garrett addresses the immediacy required of the news and forging a bond between events and viewers. He discusses how his job has enabled him to cut away the degrees of separation between the nation’s events and its citizens, making the issues of today relatable to all. He explains how this is the news media's ultimate responsibility and gift.

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